Mittwoch 18.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Lofi Lounge
Susie Asado (Indie/Berlin) + Zoe Boekbinder (Indie/USA)
DJ Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Electro, Pop)
Susie Asado
Susie Asado ist keine Person. Susie Asado ist ein Gedicht von Gertrude Stein. Susie Asado ist ein Namensdiebstahl - genau so wie der Geburtsname von Josepha Conrad ein Namensdiebstahl ist. Nur das “a” am ende von Josepha ist ihr eigener Buchstabe. Susie Asado ist die Band von Josepha Conrad. Eine Band, die es gibt, und eine Band, die man manchmal nicht sehen kann. Das nennt man dann Soloauftritt. Es ist eine Übung in Reduktion. Ist der Song noch ein Song, wenn nur vereinzelte Töne ein sperriges Gerüst bilden? Wann ist er Text? Wann ist er gesungen, wann gesprochen? Ist das Literatur? Ist das Performance? Susie Asado benützt Instrumente wie ein Metronom, wie Punkt und Komma, und an diese Töne hängt sie Worte, manchmal viele. Gesungen, gesprochen. Irgendwas zwischen Pop und Folk, irgendwas zwischen Text und Song. Das vierte Album “State of Undress” ist bei pop-records 2015 erschienen. 
Zoe Boekbinder

Zoe Boekbinder`s voice sounds like it’s being played off a vinyl record, as it floats over their intricately
finger picked guitar. They have toured all over Europe and North America for the past seven years,
since the release of their first album. Now with four releases under their belt, Zoe´s current project is a
collaboration with songwriters incarcerated at New Folsom Prison, where they volunteered as a
teaching artist.

"Zoe Boekbinder opens her mouth, and the voice that comes out is ageless, beautiful, heartbreaking
and wise. Zoe looks so young, and so innocent. I think she kidnapped a marvellous singer from long
ago Paris, and stole her voice. It´s s the only explanation" - Neil Gaiman
Donnerstag 19.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
thirsty & miserable
WREN (Noiserock/Sludge, London) + IRK (Noiserock/Mathcore, Leeds)
doors 19:00 - show 20:00 - danach DJ Aussenborder

Wren are a noise-rock / sludge band from London, signed to Holy Roar Records, for fans of Cult Of Luna and Amenra. The band have shared a stage with the likes of Unsane and Conan and have toured extensively around the UK and Europe including playing Raw Power Festival, Damnation Festival, Mammothfest and ArcTanGent Festival.

Irk are noise-rock / mathcore band from Leeds for fans of Idles and Pissed Jeans.
The band have shared a stage with the likes of Whores, Part Chimp, Liturgy & Dope Body and have toured extensively around the UK and
Europe including playing ArcTangent Festival and Wrong Festival.

Freitag 20.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
ApocaLipstick Disco
ApocaLipstick Disco presents POTATO FRITZ (Noisecore/Punk, HH) + NEOPIT PILSKI (Hanse-Noise, HH)
Aftershow: DJ Alex Plush Anders ( Glam / Punk / Wave )


Seit dem ersten Potato Fritz Auftritt 1994 hat sich vieles geändert, einiges aber auch nicht: So spielen bei Potato Fritz seit nun einem viertel Jahrhundert die gleichen 4 Typen mit den gleichen Instrumenten. Und zum eher ruppigen Noiserock hat sich im Laufe der Zeit immer ein bißchen mehr Pop eingeschlichen....Grunge, Emo (damals), Noisecore oder Punk: Alles mögliche wurde schon über den Potato Fritz Sound geschrieben, eine eigene Beschreibung steht nach wie vor aus. Zum erst dritten Mal machen die Hamburger nun in Berlin mit ihren kleinen Verstärkern Station, die erstaunlich laut sind... Mit dabei ihre Fidel Bastro Labelkollegen, deren Sonic Youth-arTiger Postpunk Sound durch den bulgarischen Gesang unverwechselbar und seltsam schroff klingt.


Gently dissonant ... Stefan Ivanov, Gitarrist ... Neopit Pilski ... in Hamburg probenden ... Am Schlagzeug ... Simon Schmidt ... Stefan aus seiner umgebauten Telecaster ... dabei den Bass... als würde ... beide Instrumente gleichzeitig ...
... 2016 bei Fidel Bastro ... „Wir/Ihr“ ... politische Situation in Bulgarien ... korrupte politische Kaste ... brain drain ... mehr als ein Statement ... Musikbusiness zum Trotz weiterhin konsequent auf Bulgarisch ...
Der Name Neopit Pilski ...
„Ich bin 43 und erlebe es zum ersten Mal, dass zwei Leute so viel Lärm machen wie vierzig!“ (Ein Typ nach unserer letzten Show in Burgas 2014)
„Eine Mischung aus Sonic Youth und Motorpsycho.“ (Der Sänger der anderen Band nach einer Show in Hamburg 2011)
„Keine derzeitige Band treibt es mit dreckigem Sound aus Gitarre und Schlagzeug, authentischer Rockattitüde und einer gehörigen Prise Underground so auf die Spitze wie die Band um den Bulgaren Stefan Ivanov. Wer den punkigen Sound von Bands wie Mudhoney oder No Age gepaart mit dem Druck von Navel und der Ehrlichkeit der frühen Tocotronic mag, wird mit Neopit Pilski glücklich werden.“ (Revolver Club 2010)

// Aftershow  //

Alex Plush Anders

Glam / Punk / Wave
Samstag 21.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
old and fast
Notdurft + Caminos + Chopper (Punk + AgitRock + 60th aus Bielefeld)
Montag 23.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
little league shows prsnts: TEEN (indie/art pop, nyc) + 13 YEAR CICADA [noisy exp pop, bln]. aftershow tunes --> post-punk-ish dj-set by Ivana Ray Singh!

Little League Shows prsnts:

TEEN /// indie/electro pop, nyc, Carpark Records
+ 13Year Cicada /// exp noisy art pop, bln, Gandula

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show starts around 8 pm, live music till 10 pm! aftershow tunes --> post-punk-ish dj-set by Ivana Ray Singh!
»The band TEEN came together at the turn of the decade, but its members have known each other their whole lives. Teeny, Lizzie, and Katherine Lieberson are sisters. Although they grew up in a musically vibrant Halifax home—their father was the esteemed composer Peter Lieberson—their first band jelled once they all lived in New York. Teeny officially conceived TEEN in 2010 while on break from touring as part of renowned band Here We Go Magic. Following her self-recorded 2011 release Little Doods, she invited her sisters to join the project, transforming TEEN into a full-blown band. Carpark records caught wind of Teeny’s work, and TEEN signed to the label for its proper debut album, 2012’s In Limbo. The sisters’ unsurprising, inevitable chemistry manifests across the record’s sprawling, lo-fi psychedelia; the familial bonds that formed it gave it a strength that resulted in acclaim from publications including Rolling Stone, which claimed, “the matter-of-fact beauty of [Teeny’s] sweetly somber voice and the album’s unapologetically fat synths…proves highly evocative.” It was with their 2014 follow-up The Way and Color, though, that the sisters solidified their accessible but complex, psychedelia- and synth-informed pop lens through which they explore romance, womanhood, and social constructs. Of the album’s more outré, electronic-influenced sounds, The New York Times raved: “The band’s new songs bloom with vocal harmonies and double down on intricate counterpoint…. TEEN’s music never [loses its balance].” Good Fruit, the band’s fourth and newest album, is its sharpest thesis yet. A meditation on life after love, it’s thematically the opposite of its predecessor, 2016’s Love Yes, which The Guardian praised as “reminiscent of…inventive late-70s to mid-80s pop groups.” Musically, though, Good Fruit is the logical evolution of Love Yes’ massive uptick in synth use and sticky-hot choruses. The album boasts self-assured, skyrocketing synthpop anthems including “Only Water” and “Runner,” which betray the crucial lessons the sisters took from experiencing the distinct, enlivening ways that their myriad Love Yes tourmates employed synths. As with all TEEN albums, there are haunting ballads, most notably “Pretend,” which swells into a roaring synthetic climax as it details a relationship’s failure. A precise analysis of life after love, it’s an ideal note on which to end Good Fruit, a bold statement on moving forward and letting go of the past.« /// ///

»13Year Cicada are Philip, Hotti and Zooey. They play drums, bass and synth/voice. They like band practices that start in the morning and end at night. They like rhythms that are so hard to memorize they make everyone enter a state without beginning and ending. They like coming off stage so exhausted they can't even speak. 13 YC like recording, but it really makes a lot of sense to see them live. Their genre fluid style doesn't really make sense. But that's kind of the point. Their shared attitude towards playing a show is what makes it work. And from Tenerife to Berne, Barcelona to Berlin, playing is what they like best.« ///

Mittwoch 25.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
ApocaLipstick Disco
Aftershow: DJ Alex Plush Anders ( Glam / Punk / Wave )


(Post Punk / New Wave)

Die Band wurde 2006 von Lars Andersson und Johan Sjöblom gegründet, die zuvor in unterschiedlichen Bands gespielt hatten. Sjöblom war unter anderem als Bassist der Band Fake Moss in Erscheinung getreten. Beide hatten einen ähnlichen Musikgeschmack und begannen, zusammen Musik zu machen. Mit drei Freunden gründeten sie die Band The Exploding Boy, die sich nach einem Lied von The Cure benannte.[1] Ihren ersten Auftritt hatten sie im Mai 2006 in Stockholm. 2007 erschien das selbstbetitelte Debütalbum.

Schnell fand die Band auch international Beachtung. Als die Band im Herbst 2009 erstmals durch Deutschland tourte war sie bereits auf dem Wave-Gotik-Treffen aufgetreten und mehrfach in der Zeitschrift Gothic vorgestellt worden.[2] Im selben Jahr erschien auch das zweite Album Afterglow. Der Sonic Seducer nannte die Platte „insgesamt ein angenehmes Album, das gerne länger im Abspielgerät rotieren darf“.[3]

Das dritte Album, The Black Album, wurde über das Label Vendetta Music auch in den Vereinigten Staaten veröffentlicht. Es wurde international beachtet[4] und erhielt erneut positive Kritiken. So schrieb der Sonic Seducer, die Band beweise, dass sie ein ausgeprägtes „Gefühl für schöne Lieder mit wohligem Schuss Melancholie“ habe.[5]

Am 18. Oktober 2013 erschien das vierte Album der Band, Four, bei dem Label Drakkar Entertainment. Ecki Stieg schrieb in der Zeitschrift Orkus über das Album, die Band sei damit „in einer durchaus ernst zu nehmenden Liga angekommen“, das Album sei allerdings teilweise „zu glatt und reibungslos“.


"Scared to Death is a fantastic chimera of Interpol-esque Post-Punk revival meets Gary Marx/Craig Adam’s inspired vintage Sisters of Mercy. This band is further proof that Sweden produces some of the best Post-Punk in the world *cough*The Mary Onettes, Principe Valiente*cough*" (US)



(Post Punk / Dream Pop / Eastern Music)

Think of a mix of Dead Can Dance’s “Spiritchaser”, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Foetus, Elysian Fields and Black Sabbath.

Now we’re getting a little closer of what The Lautreamonts sound like.

Are you one of those that passed through the Post-punk, stumbled upon Grunge and, among other waves, pushed all the boundaries after the internet explosion? After all these years, you’re still looking for more, but it’s getting harder and harder to find something that moves you on, isn’t it?

Do you know when you’re hungry but don’t know exactly what to eat? You open the fridge, look around but find nothing because you never knew what you were looking for.

With that feeling regarding music, duo Martha F. and Hudson (from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) decided to start THE LAUTREAMONTS. After playing in so many projects on the last 25 years, something was still missing.

They dived into lots of experimentation and the result was a sound full of percussion, odd tempos, exotic instruments and influences that go from Post-punk to Eastern music. More than songs, THE LAUTREAMONTS propose moods. Like soundtracks to weird moments but still find some beauty beneath all of it.

Just like in the Surrealistic book “The Chants of Maldoror” by Comte de Lautreamont (yes, it’s a reference), this music can be described as something as beautiful as the meeting of a sewing machine and an umbrella on a dissecting table.



(Punk Rap)

Donnerstag 26.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking
Shoreline, Crosshill Rebels + Shoplifters (Punkrock from Münster, Berlin and Serbia)
show 7:30 sharp, DJ Johnny Masters (Punk-Metal-Trash) from 10 pm till late

3 bands, 3 times punkrock, cheap beer



Freitag 27.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Keele (post-punk/hh)
Süper.Nice.Shows & Grand Hotel van Cleef Booking prsnt:

KEELE (Post-Punk/Hamburg)
Kalte Wänd Tour
Support: tba.


KEELE klingen hanseatisch ohne Hamburger Schule zu reanimieren, schreiben facettenreiche Songs ohne ihr Profil zu verwischen und kluge Texte ohne altklug zu kommen, stellen wichtige Fragen ohne Antworten zu diktieren und haben das Ganze in ein fettes Album gepackt, das so gar nicht nach Debüt klingen will. Gut und dir bringt elf Songs, die das Getriebensein einer Generation einfangen. Menschen irgendwo zwischen späten Zwanzigern und frühen Dreißigern, die sich in einem permanenten Wettbewerb unter Druck fühlen, vor einem Überangebot kapitulieren, weil sie nicht (mehr) wissen, wo und wozu sie stehen können und wollen und in diesem andauernden Flirren einer digitalisierten Begegnungsebene immerzu an der Oberfläche dümpeln.

Präsentiert von: VISIONS Magazin / PFAND GEHÖRT DANEBEN /
Samstag 28.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
READY STEADY GO: The What. . .For! (60's Mod Beat Rn'B - Bln) & Christopher Robinson (60's BritPop)

Seit Mitte der achtziger Jahren des letzten Jahrhunderts gelten *The What. . .For!* als eine der besten Neo-Beatbands Deutschlands. Dabei waren die Bandmitglieder damals gerade zwischen 14 und 18 Jahre alt.
Doch auch nach mehr als 30 Jahren haben *The What. . .For!* nichts von ihrer Energie verloren, wie sie nicht zuletzt als Opener für die legendären US-Garagenband „The Sonics“ und bei ihrem 30 jährigem Bühnenjubiläum unter Beweis stellten. Als Einflüsse nennen die Berliner solch illustre Größen wie The Who, The Kinks, The Pretty Things oder auch The Boots und The Hounddogs und wachsen aus ihren Chelsea-Boots einfach nicht raus!

There is a timeless appeal for „white“ teenage R&B music, especially in Europe. *The What. . .For!* displays all that’s great about such stylings, as they bash out harmonica and fuzz-driven boozers…
Bands that seem to passionately enjoy their music rate very highly with me, an The What…For! are certainly one of those groups. Stroll on!

Special Guest: Christopher Robinson

Montag 30.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
little league shows prsnts: JUST FRIENDS AND LOVERS (lofi/post-punk/indie, au) + SHYBITS (indie/garage pop, bln)
doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, after the show: Strange Tunes on Mondays djs

Little League Shows prsnts:

Just Friends and Lovers /// lofi indie post-punk, vie, CUT SURFACE Recs
& Shybits /// indie rock/garage pop, bln, Duchess Box Records

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show starts around 8 pm! after the concert: Strange Tunes On Monday djs.
»Just Friends and Lovers once again display that – despite the bandwidth and diversity of their songs – their formula is pretty consistent throughout: Actively pushing and pulling between pop sensibilities and punk attitude since 2011, JFAL are a dab hand at not only the swap of instruments, but first and foremost at timbering strong melodies, viral in their catchiness, zested with provocative and wistful lyrics – oozing out as opalescent tales of passion, murder, visions and friendship. This palpable and tuneful combination of joyful urge & pensive melancholy, of humor & annoyance pictures their really open attitude towards music and their strong belief in people’s power. All this, blissfully consolidated by the band’s visual mise-en-scène (© Sarah Sternath), paying tribute to Valie Export’s revolutionary „Action Pants“. Oh Those Pants! … Power Pants! Their new album »Her Most Criminal Crimes« can evoke smiles or shivers, depending on your state of mind, and – with it’s preference for resourceful originality over standard technique – sparkles like the charming chance-child of jangle-pop simplicity and post-punk disorder.« ///

»Shybits is a Berlin based post punk garage rock trio made up of friends Liam from Brighton,UK (Guitar & vocals), Piero from Italy (Bass & vocals) and Meg from South Africa (Drums). The fuzzy, feel-good sound is reminiscent of post punk and 90s garage rock and has been described as’’ Beach Boys suntan nostalgia meets Beatlesque Bedroom pop’’. Shybits have played with acts such as Pip Blom, Balagan, DANCEHALLl, Vundabar, RÁN, Feels and Winter amongst others and are presently working on their new record. Their debut EP, Idiot Like You, was released in 2018 on Duchess Box Records (home of acts such as Gurr). They were signed to the label not long after their very first show. Latest single 'Colours' was released on 7 June 2019.« ///

Mittwoch 02.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Lofi Lounge
LofiLounge presents: Glen (Indie/Berlin) + Dos Floris (Indie/UK)
DJ Reboot FM (Indie, Soul)


GLEN was formed in 2015 in Berlin, Germany, by multi instrumentalist and film score composer Wilhelm Stegmeier and greek visual ar tist, film maker and musician Eleni Ampelakiotou. Having collaborated on several films and audio visual projects (TEENAGE RESPONSE, DOS plus - BIRTH OF A SPHINX), they released their first album CRACK in November 2017.


Accompanied by austrian-greek bass player Maria Zastrow and american sound artist and drummer Brendan Dougherty GLEN are currently working on the material for their second album.

As a mostly instrumental band with classic line up of two guitars, bass and drums, GLEN deconstructs popular and classical music genres scratching them together with experimental expression and attitude. GLEN revises the supposedly light atmosphere of melodic Pop fragments to a complex epic multilayered hypnotic structure of free improvisation and repetitive themes, breaking loose either to dionysian chaos or escaping to poetic cinematic soundscapes. Adding layer by layer, GLEN creates a synthesis of contrasting textures with different references to No Wave NY, Free Improv, Noise, Doom, Postrock as well as Cinematic Scores merging to a unique sound of colourful narratives and surprising mosaics of rhythmic dissonant chords, melodic patterns and abstract noise.


2017 was a huge year for Florence Donovan, better known as Dos Floris, as it saw the release of her debut solo album, The Widowed Earth. The record was the result of a lifelong desire to be a full-time musician put on hold by the grinds of a nine-to-five job, alongside battles with teenage anorexia and panic attacks. The album was written, recorded and produced "Harry Potter style" beneath the stairs at her home. The product of her unorthodox approach is an emotional genre defying cinematic soundscape of an album that caught the attention of Tom Robinson's Fresh on the Net, Huffington Post, community radio stations and other underground alternative music blogs. The videos to singles "Water" and "Silence" premiered on For The Rabbits.Net & were subsequently picked up by music outlets worldwide all calling them "hypnotic, refreshing, different" and Dos Floris' electronic/acoustic fusion as "nothing short of revolutionary". In November 2017 & April 2018 Dos Floris played her first headline UK tours playing 150-200 capacity venues in London, Brighton, Bristol, Bath, Cambridge, Birmingham, Nottingham & Manchester. The tour earned her a "one to watch for 2018" accolade and excellent live reviews where she is described as a "one- woman powerhouse" who uses her "excellent elastic voice", loops, layers and textures to create "haunting sounds" that leave her audience "riveted" [Rock'n'Reel Magazine January 2018 & Cambridge Reviews]. Following & because of the tour she was chosen as 1 of 3 bands to represent the UK at Linecheck Music Festival in Milan in November 2018. Having earned comparisons to artistic & boundary pushing artists such as Bjork, Kate Bush, Zola Jesus, Sigur Ros and Radiohead she is now in the process of releasing a 3 track E.P "Starlight" whilst completing work on her second album, "Broken Love"- earmarked for release in the Autumn. From October 2nd-10th 2019 she will play a headline tour of Poland, starting in Berlin and this will be followed by another UK tour in November 2019. February 2020 will see her play further dates in Denmark & Germany.

Donnerstag 03.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
Little League Shows & IM NOT DEAF prsnt: HEKLA (doom pop, bln) & Juliette Wallace [of Kamoos, solo]

Little League Shows & IM NOT DEAF prsnt:

HEKLA /// doom pop, bln
& JULIETTE WALLACE /// solo-show, of Kamoos

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show starts around 8 pm! aftershow djs tba.
»In their selfpenned genre doom-pop, airy layered vocals meet fuzzy guitars, swelling synth sounds and dramatic drums. Inspired by everything from Swedish folk music to 60’s garage psychedelica to 80’s synthwave adventures, HEKLA has put together an enchanting album of many colors and moods. Grandiose dreams face their constant companion, destruction, in both music and lyrics. Never shying away from the drama, HEKLA sings about the obsession and madness in us all. The Berlin based band has members from Australia, Germany and Sweden, in a constellation of different countries typical of the contemporary musical melting pot of Berlin. Album out on Caroline True Records (CTR)!«

/// ///

»Making a rare appearance as her solo act, JULIETTE WALLACE (of Kamoos) plays a stripped down set reminiscent of everything from Country Teasers to Nina Simone.«

/// ///

Freitag 04.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
20 Jahre "Früchte des Zorns"
Aftershow w/ Kleine Happen Achtziger *Hit The Neon Dancefloor* VINYL

Seit 20 Jahren singen Früchte des Zorns von der Sehnsucht nach einem besseren Leben, ihre Lieder gehen in die Tiefe und stellen die herrschende Gesellschaft in Frage. Ihr akustisches Set besteht aus Geige, Gitarre, Bratsche, Posaune, Glockenspiel, Schlagzeug und viel Gesang. Auch wenn sie nicht die lauteste Band sind, haben ihre Lieder eine große Eindringlichkeit. Die drei Musiker*innen, die sich selbst als Anarchist*innen bezeichnen, singen über Entfremdung und Deformation, das Mensch sein und Mensch bleiben. Ihre Musik ist die Poesie der Subversion, die die beklemmenden Verhältnisse demaskiert und nach dem Schönen und Lebendigen schreit. Die Lieder sind voll Traurigkeit und Zuversicht – keine einfache „Kampfmusik“ sondern einfühlsame Beobachtungen, die berühren, bewegen und Mut machen.

Kleine Happen Achtziger *Hit The Neon Dancefloor*
"Ihr Kinder des himmel-hoch-jauchzend und zu-tode-betrübten Borderline Genies der Synthesizing Eighties!
Alex Plush Anders & Wello Rausch verglitzern mal wieder eure Seelen und Körper mit stilübergreifend, emphatischem Vinylwahnsinn!"

Samstag 05.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Petting (60's Beat Pop-Bln) + Mind Kiosk (Psychedelic Power Pop-Bln)

PETTING is finest beat-pop from Berlin, enjoying intravenous, helps against both hibernation and the rainy summer blues. Charming and wild!

Mind Kiosk play a mix of Beat, Power Pop, Psych Pop and Krautrock. Founded in 1992 they released three records until 2001, then split up. Reunited in October 2017, New EP out 2019!


Mittwoch 09.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Fourtrack On Stage
Fourtrack: Angela Aux (Art-Pop, München) + Drunk At Your Wedding (Folk/Indie, Berlin)

Angela Aux (München)
"Wer ist Angela Aux, die mit langen blonden Haaren, Bart und sanften Songs am Rande des Nervenzusammenbruchs die Münchner Szene mit einer Eigenwilligkeit bezirzt, der man sich schwer entziehen kann?" -Süddeutsche Zeitung

Angela Aux ist ein Künstler der Gegensätze, ein Künstler des Spiels mit der Identität, ein Shape-Shifter. Er balanciert zwischen Wu-Tang-Shirt und Mädchen-Perücke, zwischen Haiku und Dostojewski.

Ein Kopf der zu viel fassen kann um nur eine grade Linie zu verfolgen – und Angela Aux ist ein Songwriter der den Namen noch verdient, ein Textmensch, ein übervolles Notizbuch, ein Dichter der alten Schule, aufsaugend und ausspuckend, zu sensibel für all den Scheiß da draußen, zu energiegeladen um sich ihm nicht zu stellen. „Die Texte sollen Menschen zum Denken anregen.“ sagt Angela Aux.

Drunk at Your Wedding (Berlin)
Over the past few years, Drunk At Your Wedding from Berlin has gone through different incarnations and set-ups. Currently it's a one-woman project with an electric guitar, playing songs that range from dark and brooding to loud and catchy and have a soft spot for morbid tales and self mockery.

Donnerstag 10.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Ruff Majik (Sludge 'n Roll//ZA)

more soon!

Freitag 11.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
OFFBEATCLUB: Wood In Di Fire (GroovyJazzyReggae - Bln)
Aftershow DJ's Everything Crash spinning Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady and early Reggae on vintage 45s

Mit Jamaican Jazz und handfesten Reggae-Grooves bringen  Wood In Di Fire bei ihren Live-Sessions die Dancehall zum Toben. Was  als Jam-Projekt von Musikern aus verschiedenen Berliner Bands begann, hat sich zur festen Formation entwickelt. Doch  der Session-Gedanke ist  immer noch lebendig: Die Bandmitglieder und Gäste bringen die verschiedensten Einflüsse aus Reggae, Jazz, Ska, Latin und Afro-Beat mit und sorgen damit immer wieder für überraschende Kicks. Dass Wood In Di Fire es schaffen, das auf CD festzuhalten, wissen auch die  Kritiker zu würdigen: das erste Album „Que Pasa“ kam in die Kritiker-Top-Ten 2003 der „Riddim“! Auch die beiden folgenden Alben OFF THE HOOK und NOON ON THE MOON wurden live in einer Scheune im uckermärkischen Neu-Meichow eingespielt und fielen durch ihre stilübergreifenden Kompositionen und Arrangements auf.

Seit das Projekt im Jahre 2000 startete, spielt Wood In Di Fire traditionell im Berliner „Schokoladen“. Der bis heute monatlich stattfindende Reggae-Jam wurde schnell vom Geheimtipp zum etablierten Termin der Berliner Reggae-Szene


Montag 14.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
agrokultur presents: ANARKUSS [loud+soft power duo, Berlin] + ROGER F. AND THE STRUCTURE [sensitive (anti)-cynicism + drums, Gent/Bern]
djs A TO Z EASY AS HAHAHA alex rodriguez-lázaro + zooey agro

ANARKUSS [loud+soft power duo, Berlin]

ROGER F. AND THE STRUCTURE [sensitive (anti)-cynicism + drums, Gent/Bern]

djs A TO Z EASY AS HAHAHA alex rodriguez-lázaro + zooey agro Facebook Event:

more info: ANARKUSS [loud+soft power duo, Berlin] al b. tross and anneee r. kuss

ROGER F. AND THE STRUCTURE [sensitive (anti)-cynicism + drums, Gent/Bern]

This is a list of songs by Roger F.

A Little Disappointing
Art Market
Black Hole
Bob Dylan
Celine Dion (Ain‘t Got No Humor) <>
Dear Director <>
Everything Is Full Of Capital <>
Further Thinking
Hurt Nobody
I’m Glad
Long Island Ice Tea <>
Preach Madness
Professional Blues
Profile Picture
Relationship Blues
Small Mind
Surrender March
Sweet Pain
The Cucumber Song
The Real Thing
Was sollen wir nur tun?
Where Is My Time?
White Men With Guitars <>
2016 Baby

Mittwoch 16.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Lofi Lounge
LofiLounge presents: She Owl (Indie/IT) + Entertainment for the Braindead (Indie, Berlin)
DJ Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Electro, Pop)

She Owl

The Italian duo She Owl have been enchanting audiences throughout Europe and North America for the last five years. Over the course of several albums and an EP release, the group has developed a unique and beguiling sound that melds dream-pop and dark indie stylings with soulful, haunting vocals and cinematic arrangements.

Vocalist, pianist, and primary-songwriter Jolanda Moletta is front and centre in both the band's recordings and live shows. Moletta's striking three-octave range and vocal dexterity is matched by her skills as a multi-instrumentalist. She is also responsible for all the loops, percussion, and additional layers in the band's sound. Alongside her, Demian Endian contributes inventive and enigmatic guitar lines that hint at psychedelic, no wave, and experimental influences. Endian also adds backing vocals and harmonies.

Originally formed in San Francisco, She Owl has embraced both a nomadic existence and a relentless touring schedule. Currently based in Leipzig, the band has also lived and worked in Paris and their native Italy. At each stop along the way, the duo has built a close circle of collaborators that have appeared with them in concert and contributed to their records.

To date, She Owl's tours have seen the group play almost three-hundred shows across twenty-one countries. The group has performed before all kinds and sizes of audiences in a dizzying variety of venues: some of the oldest theatres in Germany (supporting Brendan Perry in Leipzig), David Lynch's club Silencio in Paris (supporting Cat Power), jazz venues, underground clubs, ancient churches, remote houses in the woods, and even a wolf park.

The band's most recent release, the EP "Drifters", has been described as music made for "those who roam dreaming, without regard for a compass or GPS, following only their intuition, the stars, and the spirits as the guides to a journey that is both initiatory and a work of art." (À Decouvrir Absolutement, FR).

Entertainment for the Braindead

Entertainment for the Braindead is the solo project of Berlin based singer and multi-instrumentalist Julia Kotowski. Despite the brutal name, she dedicates herself to creating mostly very quiet sounds, weaving the noises of small instruments, field recordings and delicate vocal arrangements into introvert folk songs. On stage she weaves soft synths into layered guitar loops and velveteen choirs of her own voice, and knows the magic spells to make a noisy room go quiet.

Donnerstag 17.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
ApocaLipstick Disco
ApocaLipstick Disco presents: BLEEDINGBLACKWOOD feat. Martina Bertoni + Hakan Tugrul
Aftershow: DJ Alex Plush Anders ( Glam / Punk / Wave )


Martina Bertoni is a Berlin based cellist.

Classically trained, she skipped classic music to explore different territories of ambient, improvisation, experimental and electronic music. The core of her work is based on rebuilding her identity as a cellist and deconstructing the relationship with her instrument by applying compositional and performing techniques that belong to electronic and ambient music.
After many years spent playing and recording with other artists, she decided to pursue her solo path. Thus, in 2018 she released her fist solo EP, In A Paradise You Would Be Happy and currently she is working on a full length album. Her cello has been featured on numerous records and soundtracks for awarded movies and TV series.
Adding to that, she's composed different scores for movies, theatre and dance performances.
In Berlin she’s a member of many projects and bands, whom with keeps on performing and collaborating (Jochen Arbeit’s Soundscapes, Martina Bertoni & Munsha, Bleedingblackwood).


Timo C Engel aka Bleedingblackwood performs atmospheric Lo-Fi Pop Hymns. Sometimes minimalistic, sometimes opulent. Sometimes borrowed from the world and transferred to the computer but always connected to nature. Acoustic guitar and toy piano, kalimba and glockenspiel – Bontempi meets accordeon, a lonely Metronome, a deep voice. Mostly he performs with his other musical half Martina Bertoni.


Hakan Tugrul was born 1985 in Istanbul and lives today in Berlin and Istanbul.
Since his childhood he has been very enthusiastic about music. In 2009 he discovered the Santur for himself - an instrument which has its roots in ancient Persia and later in India. At first he taught himself how to play the trapezoid corpus strung with metal strings. On his travels through Iran - among other things with the aim to learn traditional playing techniques - he then met the many Santur masters and learned from them. From 2014 he was on the road with various musical ensembles at international festivals and concerts, composed pieces for albums, film, TV and documentaries and played in various workshops as well as meditation and yoga courses.
In summer 2018 he performed together with the Ney player Tayfun Guttstadt and the project "Efendi Groove" at the Fusion Festival. They still work together as musicians in Berlin. In addition to his diverse solo appearances, he works with various musicians of different origins and gives Santur lessons in Berlin.

Freitag 18.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
little league shows prst: Dancehall (post-punk, ldn) & Bikini Jesus [indie pop surf, bln]
aftershow DJs: Tear Pop to Shreds (post-punk/post-funk/mutant-disco/afro-funk/boogie ...)

Little League Shows prsnts:

DANCEHALL /// indie-shoegaze-post-punk, ldn
& Bikini Jesus /// surf-new wave-indie pop, bln

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show starts 8 pm! aftershow djs: Tear Pop to Shreds (post-punk/post-funk/mutant-disco/afro-funk/boogie ...).
»DANCEHALL are a trio of believers in distortion, energy and melody from London who meld their droning shoegaze with serrated punk.« ... »Heroes of London's DIY underground scene, matching hypnotic post-punk tendencies against delirious, off piste pop.« ///

»As soon as Bikini Jesus meets, the dreadful Berlin weather turns into bright sunshine. Little is known about how exactly this works, but it seems to require a certain ritual involving reverb-drenched guitars, hypnotic bass lines, twisted drum beats and bittersweet vocals. Despite a lack of scientific evidence, Bikini Jesus continue to celebrate their climate-change voodoo in front of selected audiences.«

/// ///

Samstag 19.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
thirsty & miserable
RONIN (Cinematic Instrumental Groove, Ravenna/Italy)

After a small pause of a couple of years, Bruno Dorella is back with his creation, Ronin, with a completely new line-up and an album which changes a bit in direction yet still remains in the same cinematic and instrumental groove of the band. The idea was to write an album which had as a reference barren land as opposed to vast openness (of desert or water) which the music of Ronin is usually associated with. Something less languid and more raw. There was also the desire to underline a certain aesthetic closeness to classical music.

With this in my mind the help of the new guitarist, Nicola Manzan (well-known as Bologna Violenta and as an ex-member of Baustelle, Teatro Degli Orrori and others) was a great help. Manzan is also a greatly appreciated violinist who has studied at the conservatory. His contribution was that of timbre, through the introduction of the violin, as well as harmonic in arranging the pieces.
To obtain the effect of immediacy the choice was made to record on 8 track tape, playing all together and mixing directly on the mixer instead of using a computer (thanks to the expert hand of Guilio Favero). 7 tracks were used for live recording while one track was kept free for eventual overdubs (for example the clarinet on “Wicked”). An old-school method which goes against the trend of the digital market made possible thanks to new bassist, Roberto Villa (active as J.D. Hangover, member of The Gang) who owns a completely analogical studio named Lamormiononmuore. Roberto, who came up through ballroom orchestras, follows the tradition of the band which states that you must be able to play at least two instruments as he also plays the clarinet. On the drums there is Alessandro Vagnoni, (also a member of Bologna Violenta as well as being active in other groups such as Bushi and Drovag, and is a well-known session musician in the heavy metal scene), who adapted immediately to the dry style needed for this album.

Bruto Minore
The title of the album is Bruto Minore, inspired by a Canzone (in the meaning of the form of poetry known as Canzone) by Giacomo Leopardi in which is imagined the monologue of Marcus Junius Brutus after the defeat of Fillippi and the assassination of Julius Caesar. Defeat, (a theme which has always been very close to the image of Ronin) contains an honorable way out for a man of valor through suicide, seen as a final gesture to hold his head high in front of the indifference of Fate and Nature towards human acts and gestures of heroism. Added to this theme though is the estranged effect that the name Bruto Minore has on us today, invoking violent and indeed brutal concepts with the name Bruto as well as “base” concepts, mundane or low profile concepts with the adjective Minore, which is also an important musical term, especially for Ronin whose works are almost 90% in minor, opposite to the joy and fullness of major. Therefore, two words which, in Ronin's case, invoke two images which are close to the group. The album contains 8 original tracks and one cover, Tuvan Internazionale by Hun-Huur-Tu.

The cover
Ronin asked Marina Girardi, who usually has an extremely feminine and aerial touch, to try to be as masculine and earthly as possible. This was to highlight the themes mentioned above. Almost immediately she came up with the extraordinary result that you see on the cover, an image which is both harsh and gentle at the same time.

Black Candy Records
Ronin decided to sign a three record contract with Black Candy Records, putting faith into this second phase of the label which has decided to relaunch itself compared to a market which is more and more ephemeral. A different (discographic) world must be possible.

Ronin “Bruto Minore”
Bruno Dorella — guitar
Nicola Manzan — guitar, violin
Roberto Villa — bass, clarinet
Alessandro Vagnoni — drums

Sonntag 20.10. 20:00 Uhr Musik
Open Stage
Schokoladen OPEN STAGE
play your songs unplugged!
starts between 8:30 and 9 pm. artists should arrive around 8 pm!

cozy athmosphere, perfect sound and support by our engineer, delicate tunes afterwords and delicious drinks!

Just you, perhaps a friend, not more than two instruments and two to four songs! no drums or bass amplifier!
just come over!

Montag 21.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
thirsty & miserable
MoE (Noise-Rock, Oslo) + Hypnodrone Ensemble (Space-/Krautrock, Berlin)
doors 19:00 - show 20:00

The Norwegian band MoE is known for mixing their minimalistic compositions with alternative and experimental approaches that fails to fit in the rock genre. With countless collaborations exceeding the borders of rock and noise, MoE seeks the absolute presence in the execution of the music. Loud and violently, they molest their instruments and bring the listener closer to a healthy insanity. MoE continues working in an unpredictable, noisy and dark landscape, with a broad musical hunger.

Canadian experimental guitarists Aidan Baker (of Nadja) & Eric Quach (aka thisquietarmy) formed Hypnodrone Ensemble in Berlin, Germany in 2014. With a rotating line-up, though regularly featuring drummers Kristin Sebastian, Angela Muñoz Martínez, & Jérémie Mortier, the group creates music combining atmospheric, psychedelic textures with motorik, propulsive poly-rhythms. Their debut album was released in 2015 on Consouling Sounds in conjunction with an appearance at Incubate Festival. Their second album, The Shape of Space, was released in 2015 by Calostro Recordings/Little Crack'd Rabbit & the group's third full-length, ...Plays Orchestral Favourites, recorded as a 9-piece ensemble, was released in October 2018 on Wolves & Vibrancy.

Mittwoch 23.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
Puschen & Little League Shows prsnt: DUMB (garage/post-punk, can) + Lassie [wave/punk/garage, le]
aftershow tunes w/ dj darmok (The Chop Magazine)

Puschen & Little League Shows prsnt:

DUMB /// garage post-punk, vancouver/can, Mint Records
+ tba.

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show starts around 8 pm! aftershow djs tba.
»With their new album Club Nites, DUMB are confirming what we already knew: they’re one of the wildest post-punk bands in Canada right now.« ///

Donnerstag 24.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
thirsty & miserable
Hildegard von Binge Drinking (Power-Kraut n Knertz-Rap, Würzburg) + Slumb Party (Hyperactive Post Punk / No Wave, UK)
aftershow dj: rob (post-punk/funk/mutant-disco..., Tear Pop to Shreds)
Hildegard von Binge Drinking (Power-Kraut n knertz-Rap, Würzburg)

Slumb Party (Hyperactive Post Punk / No Wave, Nottingham/UK)

doors 19:00 - show 19:30 (sharp!)
presented by Little League Shows + Thirsty & Miserable

Häresie ist eine Strategie. Also zumindest für Hildegard von Binge Drinking. Über 170 Konzerte hat das Nonnen-Duo aus Würzburg seit 2013 gespielt, darunter Shows in Eisenbahnwaggons, auf einem Schiff, auf Festivals von der Fusion über einen Christopher Street Day bis zur Ruhrtriennale - und natürlich in Clubs all over Deutschland. Nach einem - inzwischen ausverkauften - Album und zwei EPs kommt nun die neue Platte auf dem Frankfurter Label Ichi Ichi: "Infinity". Keine gewöhnliche LP, sondern eine, bei der alle acht Songs in Endlosrillen enden. Eher eine IP - infinite play. 

Entstanden ist das alles im April 2017: Das Duo hatte sich, ausgestattet mit einem Stipendium des Frankfurt LAB, für einen Monat im Gallusviertel in einen Proberaum eingeschlossen, um bei Null anzufangen und acht endlose Titel zu schreiben, zu proben und aufzunehmen. Um eine vier Wochen lange Geschichte mit geplatztem Gymnastikball, genervtem Kindergärtner und gepflegtem Zeitdruck auf vier Worte zu kürzen: Es hat hervorragend geklappt.

Das Ergebnis ist, dank der Endlosrillen, natürlich eine Gimmick-Platte - aber eben eine gut hörbare Gimmick-Platte. Abseitiger Pop, Leftfield Electronics, Zombiprog - man kann es nennen wie man will, die Hildegard-Ingredienzen sind jedenfalls alle da: Vocoder, (elektronische) Chöre, Synthesizer, ein bisschen Krautrock - und das treibende Schlagzeug, das alles zusammenhält. Live noch immer eine Offenbarung. 

Aufgenommen von Lolo Blümler (Diavolo Rosso, Acheborn et al.), gestaltet von Samantha Muljat (Earth, Goatsnake et al.). Nicht nur außergewöhnlich, sondern auch außergewöhnlich schön. Für die Kenner: Inside-Out-Cover, bedruckte Innenhülle, orange Vinyl mit schwarzen Schlieren. Looking good. Also genug Geld zu den Konzerten mitbringen, Danke. 
Apropos Geld, hier noch ein paar money quotes: 

Taz: "Der Rausch, die Mystik, geschickt in einen Dialog gesetzt mit dem Bandnamen: Hildegard von Binge Drinking, passend im Nonnenornat, machen einen heftigen Clash von Electro mit Krautrock."

Süddeutsche Zeitung: "Ein als nihilistische Nonnen verkleidetes Synthie-Hardcore-Duo, deren Unverständnis für Lieblichkeit jedweder Art ganz besonders wohltuend ist."

Ox: "Mischung aus Kraftwerk-Synthies, Computerstimmen, mächtig Groove und allerlei spacigen Effekten."

Trust: "Faszinierende Mischung aus Postpunk und Kosmischer Musik. Ganz hervorragende Platte."

Babyblaue Seiten: "Zwischen Elektronik, Zombiprog und krautigem Punk. Weiter so!"

Freitag 25.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
ApocaLipstick Disco
ApocaLipstick Disko presents: KAELTE // Folk Noire + LEDING // Dark Folk for the Broken
Aftershow: Alex Plush AnderS and Friends (Glam/Punk/Wave)

// KAELTE //

KAELTE ist ein deutschsprachiger Musiker, der sein Schaffen gerne als Endzeitromantik beschreibt. Der allgemein düstere Klang wird zusätzlich durch den melancholischen Gesang des Sängers abgerundet. Seit 2006 entwickelt Sven Martin seine eigene Interpretation von Musik. Inspiriert von einer Vielzahl künstlerischer Einflüsse entstanden so vier Alben, die sich stilistisch in Richtung Darkwave, Darkfolk und Neofolk bewegen. Die melancholisch fragilen Klanggebilde wollen bewusst experimentell bleiben und durch ihre Schlichtheit bestechen. Gebündelt mit lyrisch deutschsprachiger Textkunst manifestiert sich das Gesamtwerk in einer Einzigartigkeit die das Publikum in ihren Bann zieht.

// LEDING //

Guitarist. Songwriter. Vocalist.

After nearly three decades of playing the guitar and writing songs in rockbands, playing countless gigs with a full band lineup letting his ears bleed, it apperars that one day he found himself buying an acoustic guitar and to write and play solo acoustic songs. Songs for the broken. But his roots still are what they´ve ever been:

Classical independent artist with a tendency to dark melancholy, tragedy and dreaming. Sounds, produced with acoustic as well as with electric guitars, sometimes consistently use of effect devices and thus not following the ascetic purism of classical singer-songwriters. The voice, also an instrument, penetrated by the spirit of doubt: sometimes clear and melodious, sometimes brittle and complaining, sometimes hard and rough and cold. No poet, rather a seeker in the space between the tones and the sound, thus encrypting messages, knowing that there may be different, partly paradoxical interpretations.

// Aftershow: //

Alex Plush Anders
(Glam / Punk / Wave)

Samstag 26.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
OFFBEATCLUB: Rolando Random & the young soul rebels (Ska/Rocksteady/Reggae-Bln)
Single Release Party

Nach gefühlten 100 Jahren Abstinenz ist es nun so weit: Rolando Random & the young soul rebels haben sich in den vergangenen Monaten unzählige Nächte in über- und unterirdischen Proberäumen und Aufnahmestudios herumgetrieben und veröffentlichen nun endlich wieder einen Tonträger. Und was für einen! Schwarzes Vinyl im kompakten 7”-Format – zwei Songs, 45 Umdrehungen pro Minute, streng limitierte Auflage.
Ein Sammlerstück! Auf der einen Seite wird der bisher viel zu wenig
beachtete Kinks-Klassiker “Everybody Else” endlich in eingängigen Offbeats abgefeiert. Auf der anderen Seite nähern sich Rolando Random & the young soul rebels mit dem potentiellen Hit
“How Tomorrow Will Be” sowohl dem Soul-Beat der späten 60er Jahre an, als auch aktuellen existentialistischen Fragestellungen.
Wer das gerne überprüfen möchte ist eingeladen, am 26. Oktober 2019 in den Schokoladen zu kommen. Es darf getanzt werden!
Nach dem Konzert findet sich bei Bedarf bestimmt die Gelegenheit, mit der Band einen geistigen Austausch darüber zu führen, was dem einen oder anderen die Zukunft bringt bzw. dass es immer einen Sinn gibt. Auch dann noch, wenn wir die unendlichen Weiten des Universums noch nicht ganz verstehen.
Live long and prosper!



Montag 28.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
M:Soundtrack: Erin Durant (US/ Keeled Scales)
Thursdays = Great Music, Cheap Beer, New and Old Friends and best listening livingroom in town!


Erin Durant // Rarely does an artist appear, as if out of thin air, with a full body of work where lyrically lush songs carry you into other worlds as if they were your own. Erin Durant's second album, Islands (came out June 2019) is an odyssey of sorts, with songs that blur the line between reality and fiction. Produced by Kyp Malone of TV On The Radio, the eight songs deliver clarity within mystery and adventure in their uncluttered vignettes.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Durant has been based in New York for over a decade, all the while keeping track of the intricacies of life surrounding her and diligently developing her craft as a songwriter and performer. Lyrically, she composes most songs on piano, songs that tend to unfold structurally like a memory or a scene from a movie. As a performer, Durant usually transports a 232-pound ¾ size piano to venues without one. To hear her play the instrument makes plain her case for the extra effort. Her music is rooted in an ongoing dialogue between the physicality of her playing and the high, clear tone of her voice. Enmeshed with one another, it’s a display of an artist in full possession of herself and vision.

Durant’s collaboration with Malone introduced an expansiveness in sound. She knew she wanted the songs to be fuller. They welcomed instrumentation into the fold, including a complete rhythm section, the hum of pedal steel, and warm flourishes of brass and woodwinds. These are generous songs intended to breathe. They never fall into a grid. Instead, they pause and gallop, expand and contract, and pass through time unhurried.



Mittwoch 30.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
thirsty & miserable
HEATHE (noisy Doom/Hypno-Rock, Aalborg/DK) + tba

HEATHE is a project born in Aalborg, Denmark, with a core of one single person and an ever changing lineup consisting of experienced musicians from bands like Get Your Gun, Kogekunst, Dad Rocks, Kellermensch, Howie Gelb a.o.
Taking its starting point in dissonance and endless repetitions, Heathe conjure massive and overwhelming, sonic walls of reverb trenched and metallic sounding noise collages, where desperate screams shrouded in colossal aggressive energy bursts reverberate in an endless darkness.
In the spring of 2016 heathe released its demo tape on the small Aalborg-based label Danish Vaishyas and in May 2019 their debut album, “ON THE TOMBSTONES; THE SYMBOLS ENGRAVED”, will see the light of day. On the album Heathe slowly moves from breathtaking blackened doom to enervating and noisy hypno-rock. The record will be released by german-based label Wolves and Vibrancy digitally and on vinyl.
In a live setting Heathe unfolds as a 7-12 piece orchestra, where strings, horns, guitars, drums and organs paint trance inducing and massive soundscapes where eternity and the present moments melt together in an almost ceremoniel experience.

Donnerstag 31.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking
Mahoney (Punk/Innsbruck) + Gisela (HC-Punk/Innsbruck)
show 8pm, DJ from 10 pm

Punk from Austria

Freitag 01.11. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Maffai (indie/post-punk)

Alpha-Zen-Touri 2019
präsentiert von OxFanzine

01.11. Berlin - Schokoladen
Einlass: 19:00
Beginn: 20:00
Support : tba

Es wird nur Abendkasse geben !

Das Gegengift zum Erwachsenwerden trägt einen neuen Namen: Maffai.
Das 2018 in Süddeutschland gegründete Quartett bewegt sich soundtechnisch irgendwo zwischen wütendem Indie und filigranem Post-Punk. Aus Melodie und rauer Oberfläche sticht hier insbesondere die Emocore-Sozialisierung der Bandmitglieder hervor. Spätestens live wird dies omnipräsent hörbar. Kein unnötiger Ballast. Kein Schnickschnack. Drei Minuten reichen, um gezielt auf den Punkt zu kommen.
Maffai kombinieren verwaschene Gitarrenmelodien und flächige Synthies mit Texten zwischen Direktheit und kryptischer Metapher. Somit treiben sie den Zuhörer tanzend durch alle Gefühlslagen – und zwar solange bis auch dem Letzten die Teenage Angst ins Gesicht geschrieben steht.

Mittwoch 13.11. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Fourtrack On Stage
Fourtrack: Warmer Hut (Post-Punk, Berlin) + Tania Elstermayer (Performance Art, Berlin)

Warmer Hut - deutschsprachiger post-rock-punk-pop aus Berlin. Texte wie Gold im Bilderrahmen aus Schaumstoff mit Überzug. Die Melodien erinnern diesmal aber eher an Bands wie "Die Nerven" oder "Ja, Panik". Die Band verzichtet offiziell auf Facebook-Page und ist ausschließlich physisch zu erleben. Ihr Album kann bislang nur auf der Bühne gehört werden. Das Ereignis "MUSIK" soll wieder persönlich erlebbar gemacht werden: also Handy weg und mit der Landkarte outside the box!

+ Tania Elstermayer
Born and raised in the Wasteland of West Germany. Art student at the UdK Berlin. Class of Thomas Zipp. Class of Mathilde ter Heijne. Performance artist. Based in Berlin, Germany.

Freitag 15.11. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
little league shows & puschen prsnt: The Gotobeds (garage/post-punk, pa/us, sub pop) & B Boys [post-punk/garage, nyc, captured tracks]

Little League Shows & Puschen, livegigs, OxFanzine, ByteFM prsnt:

The Gotobeds /// post-punk, pittsburgh, us, Sub Pop Records
& B Boys /// post-punk/garage, brooklyn, us, Captured Tracks

at Schokoladen. doors 7pm, show starts around 8pm! aftershow deejays tba.
»Das neue The Gotobeds-Album dürfte Anwärter auf den besten Album-Titel 2019 werden: Debt Begins at 30. Und überhaupt ist das Quartett aus Pittsburgh um phrasische Remineszenzen nie verlegen: während zu ihrem letzten Album der Gluten Free Jam Rock die Runde machte, werden die Spuren des jetzigen Albums kurzerhand in einem spielwütigen Generationendreiklang aufgelöst: von der schwitzigen Ursuppe des erweiterten Postpunks, Mission of Burma arbeitet man sich via Pavement hin zu den gegenwärtigen Gleichgesinnten Protomartyr und Parquet Courts. Sub Pop’s Infotext (das Label auf dem Debt Begins at 30 im Mai 2019 erscheint) spielt das zwar als den Folk der Steel City Pittsburgh runter, doch folky ist an dem eklektischen Blast nur die Nähe zum Staub der Straße: elektrifiziert, unbedarft und angstfrei schieben The Gotobeds den Wagen aus der Garage und liefern mit Debt Begins at 30 ein fantastisches Album ab, dass so übermaßen und voller Spielfreude rockt, als ob Elektromotoren schon längst wieder verboten worden wären.« ///

»New York’s B Boys (Andrew Kerr, Brendon Avalos, Britton Walker) find inspiration in the chaos that surrounds them: the aggressive attitude and sonic lawlessness of the city they live, work, and breathe in every day. Their raw, yet meticulous style is characterized by rhythmic complexity, commanding riffs, and introspective lyrics that are as playful and self-aware as they are cutting.

Across two acclaimed releases on Captured Tracks—2016’s No Worry No Mind EP and 2017’s debut full-length Dada—B Boys explore solitude and self-reflection through sharp, high-energy shouts and melodic mediations. Now, the sprightly sarcasm and acerbic commentary continues on the band’s highly anticipated sophomore LP, Dudu. Recorded by Gabe Wax (Deerhunter, Ought, Crumb) at Outlier Inn, and mixed by Andy Chugg (Pill, Pop. 1280, Bambara) to be released on July 26, 2019.

B Boys have toured the U.S. and Europe extensively, supporting acts such as Parquet Courts, Merchandise, Shame, Sunflower Bean, and Thee Oh Sees.« ///

Samstag 16.11. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Lofi Lounge
Frau Vorne und die Hintermänner (Rock)
Sonntag 17.11. 20:00 Uhr Musik
Open Stage
Schokoladen OPEN STAGE
play your songs unplugged!
starts between 8:30 and 9 pm. artists should arrive around 8 pm!

cozy athmosphere, perfect sound and support by our engineer, delicate tunes afterwords and delicious drinks!

Just you, perhaps a friend, not more than two instruments and two to four songs! no drums or bass amplifier!
just come over!

Donnerstag 21.11. 19:00 Uhr Musik
City At Dark - Record Release Show

Nach der stürmischen „Hunt Like Lions“ EP (veröffentlicht November 2017 auf 8MM Musik) veröffentlichen City At Dark (ex-RÁN) nun ihr Debüt-Album über die neue Labelheimat Snowhite (Zoot Woman, The Sounds, Oum Shatt). Das in Berlin ansässige Duo setzt seinen ebenso künstlerischen wie derzeit wohl einzigartigen Pop-Entwurf gezielt fort.

Das mit spielerischer Brillanz und lasziver schwarzweiß Ästhetik aufwartende Duo - bestehend aus der Wiener Künstlerin Laura Landergott (Ja, Panik) und dem aus Tel Aviv stammenden Gitaristen Yair Karelic (Mystical Communication Service) - zieht den Hörer sowohl mit seinen bewusst reduzierten Beat- und Track Arrangements, den zahlreichen atmosphärischen Soundschichten, als auch der ausufernden Gitarren-Virtuosität stetig in seinen Bann. Wer die beiden bereits live, wie zuletzt beim Reeperbahn und Fusion Festival, erleben konnte, weiß um das sich umgarnende Zusammenspiel eines ungleichen und doch perfekt harmonisierenden Band-Paares, welches sich mit nahezu amouröser Leidenschaft instinktiv in den Tiefen ihrer Songs und Lyrics zu verlieren droht. Stets am Limit, bereit zum Experiment. Ihre musikalische Vision zelebrieren sie nun in zehn Songs. Hier treffen urbaner Pop auf zeitgenössischen Postpunk, Dark Wave auf Psychedelic Rock. Produziert wurde das Album zusammen mit Dirk Feistel (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) im Studio X in Berlin.

21.11. Schokoladen
Doors 19:00, Support: 20:00, City At Dark 21:00
Tickets nur an der Abendkasse

Freitag 22.11. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
little league shows & späti palace prsnt: Point No Point (the dropout patrol/soft grid) Record Release! + White Hand Gibbon (indie pop, I Drew Blank)

Späti Palace & Little League Shows presents :

Point No Point "Drift" LP Release Show
Support : White Hand Gibbon

Doors : 19:00
Bands : 20:00
Party : 22:00

Point No Point is the latest musical project of sonic and lyrical adventurer Jana Sotzko (Soft Grid, The Dropout Patrol and many others). Drift is the first LP, six tracks of dense, rich and sonically adventurous music from Sotzko who can surely by now be dubbed one of the most original music composers working in Berlin today.

White Hand Gibbon is the solo project of Dominik Jureschko, who also plays in I Drew Blank. Since 2014 he's released off-kilter, folky dream-pop, which at first glance seems fragmentary, owing perhaps to the incorporation of field recordings, ambient passages and a certain bedroom-recording aesthetic. On second listening though, his new album "Songs About Cars" (Späti Palace) exposes itself as a lyrically aswell as musicially accomplished and intimate softcore-emo album, placing it somewhere between The Postal Service and the soundtrack of the film "Drive".

Donnerstag 28.11. 19:00 Uhr Musik
M:Soundtrack presents: Odd Beholder (Sinnbus/ Schweiz) + We Will Kaleid
Thursdays = Great Music, Cheap Beer, New and Old Friends and best listening livingroom in town!

M:Soundtrack presents: Odd Beholder (Sinnbus/Schweiz) + We Will Kaleid


"Ich habe den Eindruck, wir haben ein seltsames Pop-Album aufgenommen, das bunt ist und nachdrücklich. Und das sich mit den eigenartigen Versuchungen unserer Zeit befasst - von Tinder zu KI, von Offline-Einsamkeit zu obsessiver Selbstvermarktung."

Odd Beholder, das Projekt der in Zürich lebenden Musikerin Daniela Weinmann, veröffentlicht sein Debüt-Album "All Reality Is Virtual". In den detailreichen aber präzise formulierten Stücken arbeitet Weinmann weiter an ihrer Version umarmender Electronica und melancholischer Popmusik. Wie auch auf den zwei bisher veröffentlichten EPs ist die Musik von ein Ausdruck von Enfremdung. Im Zentrum von Odd Beholder führt die Künstlerin akribisch Buch über die Merkwürdigkeiten der Welt um sie herum und adressiert diese in ruhigen und doch dringlichen Worten.

"I have the impression that we recorded a strange pop album, which is colourful and insistent. And which is about the strange temptations of our time - from Tinder to AI, from offline solitude to obsessive self-marketing."

Odd Beholder, the project of Zurich-based musician Daniela Weinmann, releases its debut album "All Reality Is Virtual". In the detailed but precisely articulated pieces Weinmann continues to work on her version of embracing electronica and melancholic pop music. The music, as on the two EPs released so far, is an expression of alienation. In the centre of Odd Beholder the artist meticulously keeps record of the curiosities of the world around her and addresses them in calm yet urgent words.

"All Reality Is Virtual' started by thinking about how much time I spend online. And in particular, on what," Weinmann reports. As a musician, especially in pop music, she has to look after her social media channels. And she is certain that she would not have any account on any platform if she were not an artist. "I have never learned to feel safe in an environment consisting only of images and words. Especially in an environment where, at least theoretically, everything I do and say is always and everywhere in the whole world accessible and observable, in which my traces will never disappear". As an introverted person, she can't understand how anyone can deal with it without compulsion.

we will kaleid // Die Band we will kaleid erschafft sich eine Welt, in der sowohl Pop, als auch experimentelles seinen Platz findet. Melancholische Texte treffen auf moderne Drumgrooves und Elektronik, die durch eigenwillige Arrangements und Sounds ihren ganz eigenen Charakter bekommen.


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