Freitag 26.07. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
lls & red wig prsnt: H_U_T._ (post-punk impro art-rock, nl) + UBU IMPERATOR (neo-kraut-rock, munich), + DJs whywolf (sonic sisters) & cool cat tommy t (tpts)
doors 19, show 20h, after 22h DJs!

little league shows & red wig prsnt:

H_U_T._ / post-punk impro art-rock weird-funk collective, nl /

+ UBU IMPERATOR / exp / noise / kraut, munich / 

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets for the concert at the doors and in pre-sale --> 

& after 22h the night continues w/
tpts prsnts: DJs Cool Cat Tommy T  & Whywolf 🐈🪩🐺
-> mutant-disco funk post-punk grooves <-

H_U_T._ is an experimental music and artist collective based in Tilburg (NL). Inspired by the boundary-pushing spirit of the Fluxus movement, H_U_T._ embraces an open approach to artistic and musical freedom. Their work spans from weird-punk, art-rock, and happenings to noise and improvisation. During the META-META-META tour (July 2024), they will be performing new music largely written to be interpreted live in various ways. Think of bands such as Wire, Pharaoh Overlord, and Alice Coltrane.

The neo-krautrock trio UBU IMPERATOR emerged in early 2022 in the deepest basements of Munich's Alpenstraße.

In numerous jam sessions, a constellation of guitar, drums and synthesizers gradually evolved, navigating diverse realms from dreamy to dramatic, between harmonies and noise, embracing rhythm and chaos.

Ubu Imperator's universe is not limited to music and sound only but also manifests itself in illustrations, animations, graphics or texts

The band's name is a reference to the theater piece ”King Ubu” (1896) by the french writer Alfred Jarry.

Samstag 27.07. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
lls & beavis prsnt: CLOUDSURFERS (garage-fuzz-punk, nl) + RYL (garage, bln)! & after 22h 'NO TEARS...' w/ DJs Alienshe & Hunkydory
doors 19, show 20h, after 22h DJs!

little league shows & beavis prsnt:

CLOUDSURFERS / garage-rock / fuzz-punk, nl /

& RYL / garage, bln / 

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. pre-sale tickets available --> 

& after 22h:
w/ DJs Alienshe & Hunkydory spinning punk post-punk 80s new wave garage ... 

CLOUDSURFERS’ mutant strand of garage punk, post-grunge and psychedelic rock rolls with the glee of a bunch of death-defying storm chasers. One moment their songs swarm at the heart of the breakneck G-forces, the next they’re ghostriding the expressway to hook-laden alt-pop nirvana.

Cloudsurfers’ second album Subhuman Essence is a daredevil attempt to match the group’s boisterous stage hijinks on record. Furthermore, it captures a band urgently familiarizing themselves with one another. The band’s debut LP Don’t Know What Hit Me largely accommodated singer/guitarist Thom Liesting’s expressive songwriting; this time around, the group had a larger puzzle to solve. For one, there was the challenge of having the group's two heavy-hitting hombres – Nanne Hatzman and Ramses Hooymeijer – playing off each other’s strengths.

Furthermore, the album perfectly encapsulates Cloudsurfers’ rapidly developing chemistry, especially between guitarist Pieter Sloot’s cerebral composing chops and Liesting’s reality-bending chronicles of misadventure. Bassist Jess van der Zee, meanwhile, is the ultimate tether that keeps all the erratic rhythms and melodies from spiraling into a hodgepodge of noise, discharging guttural heavy-melodic slabs with a perpetually awestruck smile on her face.

To mix Subhuman Essence, Cloudsurfers approached producer Michael Badger, who previously worked with Amyl & The Sniffers and SONS, and twiddled the knobs for King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s totemic Nonagon Infinity. The latter album has been one of the defining records that shaped Cloudsurfers’ own formative years, so as far as full circle moments go, that would be an F5 tornado-sized one. As a band at the glorious up rush of their creative powers, Cloudsurfers are off to chase the next storm up ahead, weathering rain and thunder and hitching rides on top. If they happen to crash through a town near you, best get into the pocket.


Coming from different musical backgrounds, RYL discovered that the new wave Garage Music à la FIDALR, Bass Drum Of Death, Ty Segall, The Orwells, etc. is the perfect mixture for everyone in the band. Still with their evergreen idols in their heads - ranging from old Punk like The Shocks, legends like Ramones to stadium Rock like Foo Fighters - this band distills it down to a catchy melody, energy driven guitars, a crispy bass and drums that pound like a freight train.

After finding together in 2015 they self-recorded and —released their first EP No Milk, No Fun in June 2016. Sold on self painted CD’s it doesn’t promise anything it can’t deliver: raw, energetic and still catchy six songs.

In 2018 they released their four track EP Skeletons (tape, Rood Woof Records) in March and another four tracks on the split LP Cape
Carnage (vinyl, Rood Woof Records) with the Berlin Garage/Psych Rock Band Father Midnight in July.

Their energy driven live performance got them to support bands like Oh Sees, White Fang and Frankie and the Witchfingers.

Montag 29.07. 19:00 Uhr Musik
M:Soundtrack Special talk & concert w/ Etuk Ubong & Band ( Lagos, Nigeria)
Event Bild
Talk & Live Show

M:Soundtrack Special: Talk & Concert w/ Etuk Ubong & Band (Lagos, Nigeria)

Looking forward to introduce Etuk Ubong to the Schokoladen Stage, I have had the honor to work Etuk now for a few shows and have invited him before our next festival gig to discuss his work and philopsophy and of course hear a live set ! In Lagos he is running his own club TRUTH so this is also very interesting to learn about the ecosystem and scene in Lagos opposed to Berlin. Similarities and differences.

Hailed by none other than Seun Kuti as “one of the best things to come out of Lagos”, Nigerian trumpeter, composer and bandleader Etuk Ubong has developed an original style he calls “Earth Music”. Weaving together a unique combination of not only afrobeat, highlife and jazz, but also the ritualistic drumming of Ekombi, the result is urgent and highly energetic, yet spiritual; his compositions reflecting his heritage and life philosophy of goodwill, peace and love for humanity.


Etuk Ubong uniquely combines Afrobeat, Highlife and Jazz with the ritual drumming of the Ekombi. The result is haunting, high-energy, spiritual and driving.

Inspired by jazz greats and the sounds of the elements water, wind and fire, trumpeter and composer Etuk Ubong calls his music “Earth Music”. Born in Lagos in 1992, he joins the tradition of fiery, Afrobeat-rooted, hard-bop influenced trumpeters that goes back to Tunde Williams, who in turn was a founding member of Fela Kuti’s seminal band Africa 70 in the 1960s. In the bands of famous musicians such as Victor Olaiya, Femi Kuti and Buchi, the Lagos-based artist was able to live and develop his passion for music. Etuk Ubong’s style captivates with urgent tempos, powerful horn charts and highly explosive socio-political lyrics. In short: rousing, overwhelming!

Etuk Ubong is also the owner of TRUTH nightclub, currently one of the hottest clubs in the heart of Lagos since the demise of the legendary Fela Kuti’s Shrine.

Dienstag 30.07. 19:00 Uhr Musik
M:Soundtrack presents: Vignettes : w/ iiisa (Isabel Crespo Pardo -NYC/Costa Rica) + ágata (aka Agata Guevara / Bln)
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A beautiful intimate evening with two latinx artists, Berlin- NYC

The Vignettes series is offering space to artists on the margins, women, trans and non binary creatives that are often not given the space to shine or be heard. Inside of my work as a curator and promoter I look always to support artists that I love and I believe that  they deserve opportunities to tell their stories, show their talent and be introduced to each other in a connection which maybe grows fruit..  My wish is to be build communities and leave this as a legacy. Tonight we will feature two Latinx artists who bring with them poetric truths, and emotional journeys of themselves and their ancestors .

Looking forward to this intimate evening!


iiisa a.k.a Iisabel crespo pardo (they/them) is a NYC-based latinx vocalist, improviser-composer, and interdisciplinary artist. Their work actively entangles music, visual art, text and performance, always evolving to reflect the intra/interpersonal spaces they inhabit. Reveling in soft chaos, they embrace openness and specificity to create poetic work(s).
For crespo, art is a place to gather, to exercise intuition, rigor and delight. They are deeply invested in building generative structures and intentionally inviting others into focused explorations


“Isabel Crespo Pardo is an electrifying figure [...] with practices that collide and meld a variety of approaces, whether rooted in tradition or radical, through the lens of improvisation”
— Peter Margasak for The Wire


ágata - will be sharing a selection of pieces from her debut album 'primeros pasos' released in april of this year as well as unpublished poetic soundscapes and songs created with a loop station with a warm invitation to go on a journey inwards. 

starting off with a friend’s guitar in 2020 ágata has found new ways to explore creativity beyond her photographic practice and visual art. 

since allowing her poetry and writing to grow into lyrics and form melodies, producing music has become essential to expressing emotions and has become a form to process life in a new playful creative sphere.

Mittwoch 31.07. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Lofi Lounge
loFi lounge prsnts: Kat Koan [indie°bln] + Rodney Branigan [indie°texas]

KAT KOAN is a musical chameleon, mixing electroclash with Rock and continuously adding surprising elements to her live shows. She expresses outspoken zeitgeisty messages and intense emotions wrapped in - and elevated by - a badass sound. Together with her band she sets out to entertain full throttle, on a musical and visual level, bringing an enticing combination of power, feline sensuality and a bucketload of attitude.


Rodney Branigan has become known worldwide for his unique ability to play two guitars at once. While quite a spectacle in itself, the meat and potatoes of Rodney's music is his ability to pen emotive lyrics and deliver them with a voice that is honest and passionate. One Seed is the first song of the upcoming album, The Clever Kid Cartel, and is a fair
representation of his passionate, sincere and emotive style.



Samstag 17.08. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
little league shows & twintoe recs prsnt: HAZE'EVOT (post-punk/indie-rock, isr) + tba.
doors 19, show 20h, after 22h DJs

little league shows & twintoe recs prsnt:  HAZE'EVOT  (post-punk/indie-rock, isr) + tba.

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets for the concert at the doors and in pre-sale -->

HAZE’EVOT (SheWolf) is a rock band and independent female collective based in Israel, consists of Yifat Balssiano (Guitar/Vocals), Talia Ishai (Bass), Or Zigelbaum (Guitar), Hen Yair (Drums), Nofar Tom (Synthesizer, guitar).

For the last decade the band has worked as an independent group, producing content together, from recording music to creating its own video clips.

The band deals with subjects such as the struggle between genders, human relationships and existential issues facing our generation. With authenticity and power, the band is known for its wild and energetic live shows. Together on stage the band members bring a different perspective, a punch to the stomach, and a celebration of distortion and energy.

After releasing two mini albums over the years, the band members moved in together to an apartment in Tel Aviv, to work on their first full album. Following a process of investigating new sounds and writing their collective story as a group, the band released its first full album in February 2020. The album brings together styles such as Rock, Punk, and Disco.

Nowadays the band is working on its next album which is expected to be released in the upcoming year.

Mittwoch 21.08. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Lofi Lounge
loFi lounge prsnts: Deadly Past [indie°bln] + Bernhard Eder [indie°wien]
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Deadly Past (Garage/Indie/Berlin)
Die Garage-Rockband Deadly Past erinnert mit ihrem authentischen Stil an vergangene Zeiten und setzt sich auf einzigartige Weise mit der Zeit auseinander. Gleichzeitig bieten sie etwas völlig Neues und Abwechslungsreiches, anstatt bekannte und oft gehörte Musik neu aufzulegen. Das Trio aus Berlin kreiert seit 2009 unermüdlich seine eigene Vision von zeitloser Musik.

Bernhard Eder
In einer grellbunten und lauten Welt, die zunehmend aus Effekthascherei und simplifizierter Einordung besteht, sind es die ruhigen und zurückgelehnten Zwischentöne, auf die man vornehmlich achten sollte. Der Wiener Singer/Songwriter und Vollblutmusiker Bernhard Eder versteht seine Kunst seit jeher als eine, die überlegt, reflektiert, Haken schlägt und sich weder inhaltlich, noch musikalisch vorschnell kategorisieren lässt. Er zitiert gerne aus dem Songbuch der großen Indie-Helden, mengt diesem Gestus aber stets eigene Farben bei, die ihn wohltuend aus dem Wulst der musikalischen Veröffentlichungen des Mitbewerbs herausstechen lassen. Das neueste Machwerk GOLDEN DAYS ist ein weiteres Musterbeispiel an Geduld und Ausgewogenheit. Nicht weniger als fünf Jahre hat der Künstler daran geschraubt und gefeilt, bis alle Zahnräder ineinandergriffen und die einzelnen Nuancen sich zu einem komprimierten Klangpaket verknüpfen ließen.



Donnerstag 22.08. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
mangel recs & little league shows prsnt: REHASH (post-punk/wave, bel) + OSTSEETRAUM (minimal wave, bln)
doors 19:00 - show 20:00

mangel recs & little league shows prsnt:

REHASH (post-punk/wave, bel) + OSTSEETRAUM (minimal wave, bln). / 

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets for the concert at the doors and in pre-sale --> 


[REHASHs] Post-Punk ist ganz offensichtlich von der Düsseldorfer ‘Ratinger Hof’ – Szene inspiriert, singt auf deutsch und spart nicht mit Klischees in der Wortverwendung: Autobahn! Panik! Bauhaus! Eine moderne Referenz für Rehash wäre die ewig unterschätzte britische Band The Rakes, deren frühe Single “Strasbourg” ebenfalls minimalistischen Punk mit deutschen Wortsprengseln versetzte. Ich bin begeistert und hoffe auf baldige Vinyl-Single-Veröffentlichung, was das einzig standesgemäße Format für einen Sound wäre, der so nach 1979 klingt! (


OSTSEETRAUM is a small minimal wave band, which, together with bass, guitar, synths, drum machines and vocals, performs scrambled and annoying music for you.

Freitag 23.08. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking
Punkfilmfest Berlin + Crunch Tapes presents Berliner Lvft (DE), Kitchen (US / acoustic set) + shep treasure (US / acoustic set)

Berliner Lvft (DE)

In the gutters of Berlin, there's a band that howls like a banshee in the night. Berliner Lvft, they call themselves, and they're a motley crew of misfits who live to drink and get high. Four weirdos, who make the devil's music with aluminum neck guitars and strange tunings that would make your ears bleed. But there's a strange beauty in their ugliness, a kind of poetry in their madness. They rage against the world, spitting out their disgust with society in every note they play. And when they play, they create a kind of magic. A raw, unfiltered energy that shakes you to your core and leaves you gasping for air.


Kitchen (US / acoustic set)
Kitchen is the recording project of James Keegan from Rochester, NY. Keegan began releasing lo-fi tape music under the name Kitchen in 2016 and has released 4 albums and a handful of EPs and singles, branching out into more complex arrangements and recording methods in the years since. Kitchen is trying to present a dream to you.


shep treasure (US / acoustic set)
'shep treasure' is the moniker of songwriter and visual artist Sabrina Nichols. Combining a sharp melodic sensibility with an ear for noise and dissonance, 'shep treasure' creates a sound world like The Edge Of Night.


Samstag 24.08. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
little league shows & disaster by design prsnt: GYM TONIC (synth-punk, bln) + ULTRABONUS (flower-punk, bln)
doors 19, show 20h, after 22h DJs!

little league shows & disaster by design prsnt:

GYM TONIC (synth-punk, bln) + ULTRABONUS (flower-punk, bln). / 

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets for the concert at the doors and in pre-sale --> / 

aftershow DJs tba!


GYM TONIC are an international four-piece and talk of the town when it comes to hyped-up synth punk. In some parallel universe, DEVO, Half Japanese and The Residents grew into one and decided to channel their energy into songs about nuclear catastrophes, vitamin injections, car sickness and deadly events. Throw melody lines straight out of the Twillight Zone on top and you have an all-around gem.

Brighty melodies, microsongs, altered nerves: ULTRABONUS crafted their flowerpunk transmissor with legitim sudamerikan spirit and a dosis of indie slackness. Their last album, El Casino de la Muerte, updates argentinian punk&pop school with dystopic poetry, postreality stories and ultraistic details.