Freitag 23.08. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking
Punkfilmfest Berlin + Crunch Tapes presents Berliner Lvft (DE), Kitchen (US / acoustic set) + shep treasure (US / acoustic set)

Berliner Lvft (DE)

In the gutters of Berlin, there's a band that howls like a banshee in the night. Berliner Lvft, they call themselves, and they're a motley crew of misfits who live to drink and get high. Four weirdos, who make the devil's music with aluminum neck guitars and strange tunings that would make your ears bleed. But there's a strange beauty in their ugliness, a kind of poetry in their madness. They rage against the world, spitting out their disgust with society in every note they play. And when they play, they create a kind of magic. A raw, unfiltered energy that shakes you to your core and leaves you gasping for air.


Kitchen (US / acoustic set)
Kitchen is the recording project of James Keegan from Rochester, NY. Keegan began releasing lo-fi tape music under the name Kitchen in 2016 and has released 4 albums and a handful of EPs and singles, branching out into more complex arrangements and recording methods in the years since. Kitchen is trying to present a dream to you.


shep treasure (US / acoustic set)
'shep treasure' is the moniker of songwriter and visual artist Sabrina Nichols. Combining a sharp melodic sensibility with an ear for noise and dissonance, 'shep treasure' creates a sound world like The Edge Of Night.


Dienstag 27.08. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin + Crunch Tapes presents Tavare (DE) + Ghost Bag (DE)

Tavare (DE)

Tavare, originally performing under the moniker Aidan Baker Trio, is a newly formed Berlin-based trio playing stripped-down slowcore, dirge-pop. The band consists of Aidan Baker, originally from Canada but based in Berlin for over a decade, who makes guitar-based music ranging from ambient/experimental to post-rock to drone-jazz, both solo and with various groups, mostly notably the dreamsludge duo Nadja; Tristen Bakker, also from Canada, who makes soft-noise, prog, ambient and punk music as a solo artist and with groups such as Vrouw! and Otolitos; and Angela Muñoz, a musician, dancer and performer from Spain, who plays with several groups including nunofyrbeeswax, Vrouw! and (also with Aidan) Hypnodrone Ensemble.


Ghost Bag (DE)
Ghost Bag is the recording alias of Nick Jongen. Born in the Netherlands in 1991 & currently residing in Berlin, Germany. Palindrome is his second release under the moniker Ghost Bag. It was written and recorded in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil during an artist residency at Goethe Institute in January and February of 2019. Following up on Jongen's 2018 debut under the Ghost Bag moniker, Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz – an audiovisual collaboration with illustrator Tine Fetz - Palindrome is undoubtedly a solo effort. On this self-recorded documentation of his travels, Jongen reflects on the past, present, and worries about his future. Summoning rippling clouds of guitar textures punctuated by intricate finger-picking figures set the backdrop to his ethereal vocals, while synths rumble like a volcano in the distance. 


Donnerstag 05.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
M:Soundtrack presents:   Saroos (Alien Transistor- make up show) + RAD (Paris/US) poetic wierd drone blues
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Thursday's at Schokoladen - good music and cheap drinks

M:Soundtrack presents:   Saroos (Alien Transistor- make up show) + RAD (Paris/US) poetic wierd drone blues
Schokoladen - Thursday, September 5

Weilheim, Berlin, Morr Music, Alien Transistor, und und und. 
Auf den Festplatten dieses magischen Netzwerks wurde einst das Genre Electronica angelegt und seitdem entsteht zwischen den vielen Koordinaten der Szene laufend fantastische Musik. Mit etlichen Überschneidungen und Kollaborationen mit den bereits genannten Akteuren sind Saroos fester Bestandteil dieser ausgesprochen freundlich klingenden transatlantischen Melancholie. Das Trio begibt sich dabei auf einen Trip entlang von Hip-Hop-Samples, hinein in sphärische Instrumental-Arrangements. Hier verspielt, da verkopft. Postrock mit Herz. Irgendwie intellektuell und doch ganz entspannt. Sperrig und besänftigend zugleich. Linke und rechte Gehirnhälfte wippen in seltener Übereinkunft mit.“

Florian Zimmer, Christoph Brandner und Max Punktezahl – sonst Mitglieder von The Notwist, Driftmachine, Lali Puna  deren nunmehr sechstes Full-Length-Werk „Turtle Roll“, Juni 2023 auf dem Notwist-eigenen Label „Alien Transistor“ erscheint setzten dieses Mal auf KOLLABORATION:auf sieben der elf Tracks steuern Gäste ihre Vocals bei. Live wird das zwar eher eine untergeordnete Rolle spielen. Aber es wird interessant zu hören sein, wie die jeweiligen Gastsänger*innen auch den Instrumentalversionen Ihren Stempel aufgedrückt haben.
RAD (FR/USA) poetic drone weird blues-punk 
Nicolas Laureau - (NLF3+) & Brisa Roché 

RAD: project founded in 2022 by singer/writer Brisa Roché and producer/musician Nicolas Laureau.

RAD: haunting duo creating collaborative slap-you-in-the-face landscapes between blues/elvin singing and drone/guitar exhalations.

RAD: quasi-Tantric dialogue between alarmingly raw improv, electronica, story-telling and heart-of-guitar.

RAD: reduction of « radical », a term used for cool/awesome in the California of the 1980s.

RAD: according to Brisa and Nicolas « A punk lullaby, an inner dialogue turned outer, breathing guitar, NY meets CA meets France with transformation transgender, FX, nature/mountains plus urban plus dreamscapes. FIRE and ICE. »

Freitag 06.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
reverberation & lls prsnt: MERMAID MAN (rec release!) + WEDGE live!
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doors 19, show 20h, after 22h DJs

MERMAID MAN Record Release with special guests Wedge! ///

"Let's Dance To The End Of The World" is the debut LP by Mermaid Man and the result of a 3-year-process of pandemic songwriting, recording and mixing at Fonojet Studio in Berlin. 

The album covers a wide range of influences, melting Psychedelic Garage, Funk, Soul & Wave into a musical entity to form an eclectic identity. It is the solo project of Robin Heller (formerly Sir Robin & The Longbowmen) who recorded all instruments on the album despite being blessed with the musical talent of Jan Bukovjan and Matěj Šolc, who have been recording saxophone and trumpet, as well as Keegan McInroe who lent his voice for the intro of the title track and first single "Let's Dance To The End Of The World". The songs are performed live as a 4-piece that is setting sails for major European release tours following the album release on 01.09.2024. The LP will be available on vinyl and all streaming platforms from 01.09.2024!

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets at the doors and in pre-sale --> 

Montag 16.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
puschen & little league shows prsnt: WOMBO (indie-rock/post-punk, us, fire talk recs) + tba.
doors 19:00 - show 20:00

puschen & little league shows prsnt:

WOMBO / indie-rock/post-punk, us ///

 + tba.

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets at the doors and in pre-sale -->

»Wombo is an American three-piece art-rock indie band from Louisville, Kentucky. The band consists of members Sydney Chadwick (bass guitar, vocals), Cameron Lowe (guitar), and Joel Taylor (drums). Wombo was formed in 2016 by lead singer and bassist Sydney Chadwick and guitarist Cameron Lowe. Chadwick and Lowe had previously been members of a punk-pop band, The Debauchees. Once the band dissolved, Chadwick and Lowe recruited drummer Joel Taylor and made their live debut as Wombo in August 2016. 

After an LP and an album they signed to FIRE TALK Records in 2021 and have since released their EP Keesh Mountain and the album FAIRY DUST, which was called "a fairytale written on a not-so-great acid trip" (PASTE Magazine), and UPROXXX said that Wombo "created their own post-punk fairy tale..." and praised the band's "expertly executed art-rock sound that is complete with droning guitars, frenetic chords, and angular melodies."

In 2023 the band released their highly-praised EP SLAB, toured with bands like Bully and Cherry Glazerr. In September 2024 they'll be coming to Berlin for the first time.«

Samstag 21.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
powerline & little league shows prsnt: O. (exp sax & drums duo, uk) + tba.
doors 19, show 20h, after 22h DJs

powerline & little league shows prsnt:

O. / exp sax & drums duo, uk / 

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets at the doors or in pre-sale --> (starts april 12th 11am)

O. – the London-based duo of baritone saxophonist Joe Henwood and drummer Tash Keary – return with details of their highly anticipated debut album “WeirdOs” and a colossal new single titled “Green Shirt”.

The album is due out 21st June via Speedy Wunderground. Honing their fearless sound through a residency at Brixton’s iconic venue The Windmill, as well as on support slots across the UK and Europe with fellow heavyweights black midi and Gilla Band, O. have now distilled their unique live energy into their debut album, “WeirdOs”.

Featuring production from Dan Carey, WeirdOs is Tash and Joe at their most raucous and free. Across 10 tracks of high-octane instrumentals recorded live to tape, the duo encompass everything from cathartic dancefloor drops, to junglist breakbeats, intricate jazz lines, and sludgy, menacing doom metal.

Coming hot on the heels of last November’s debut EP “SLICE” – which won enthusiastic support from DIY, Dork, NME, Louder, and Rough Trade – the new single “Green Shirt” sees the band expanding on their ever evolving, epiphanic sound combining thundering blast beats with labyrinthine sax.

The band describe the single as “a short rock/metal rinse out. To match the distorted amp sounds coming from Joe, we put Tash's drums through distorted guitar amps on this one. It's named after Tash's favourite green flannel shirt, that was lost several times and then eaten by a dog.”



Montag 30.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking
NEØV (nordic indie from Finland) + TBA
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NEØV (Indie | Kuopio, FIN)
"Soft Atlas" Tour 2024

Presented by Artist Radar, Frontstage Magazine, Handwritten Mag, Motor Entertainment & Spider Promotion

Following the critical praise and radio rotation (Radio Eins, Ego FM) of their previous releases, NEØV will tour in Germany twice this year. After June's mini-tour to promote the new singles "Softer" and "Feel" there will be a longer album release tour in October, featuring shows in Berlin, Hamburg and Nürnberg Pop.

Among many talented and promising acts emerging from Finland's burgeoning indie scene recently, there has been one name that has embodied the sound of this new wave of Nordic indie more than any other – NEØV. On their new record "Soft Atlas" they embrace all the virtues and trademarks that made them become ambassadors of Finnish indie pop in recent years, adding yet another layer of northern magic, soaring melodies and wistful poetry.

Since their formation back in 2008, brothers Anssi and Samuli Neuvonen have been constantly exploring their expansive sound, releasing four enrapturing albums so far. "This constellation allows us to express our vision freely and stay true to what kind of music we believe in. No compromises are needed," the brothers say of their partnership. Their steps were impressive since starting out in a small town called Juankoski in the middle of the vast Finnish Lakeland. They were playing more and more festivals, touring through half of Europe and getting more and more radio airplay. Then Covid hit. And brought the band to a painstakingly brutal halt. "It was a test for us," Anssi remembers. "How much do we believe in ourselves? What kind of music do we want to create? Usually, there's been some kind of outer pull for our next thing – a confirmed studio session or tour dates, something to keep us busy. But this time we had to face ourselves with empty calendars. And as a result, we wanted to make an album we've always dreamed of, in the way we've dreamed of."

That being said, they teamed up with Birgir Jón Birgisson (Sigur Ros, Björk) at legendary Sundlaugin studio in Iceland, fulfilling a lifelong dream of recording an album there. The result is a wonderful, bittersweet, achingly beautiful, soaring, floating work, instilled with a new aura of mystery, a texture of sorts that also permeates all of the Sigur Rós albums that came to life there.

Donnerstag 03.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
M:Soundtrack: Woogriots (From Lo-Fi to Disco! ) + Guzzi & Scuzzo (HH/experimentelle Pop Musik, Krautrock)
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Thursday's at Schokoladen - good music and cheap drinks

M:Soundtrack: Woogriots + Guzzi & Scuzzo (HH/experimentelle Pop Musik, Krautrock (ohne viel Rock), Sci-Fi Pop, und 80`s Sound)

Thursday, October 3, 2024

Woog Riots... sind das charismatische Mastermind-Paar Silvana Battisti und Marc Herbert. Seit nun mehr sieben Alben breiten Woog Riots ihre ganz eigene Vorstellung von Pop vor uns aus. 808-Drum- Sounds, Synthesizer, minimalistische Rhythmus-Gitarren und Silvanas Vorliebe für obskures Instrumentarium bilden die klangliche Basis der Songs. Dazu singt das Duo so entspannt, als würden sie bei den Zuhörenden im Wohnzimmer sitzen. 

Collectors of Pop... das aktuelle Werk bietet Pop über Kunst (Yayoi Kusama), Songs über Pop (Bob Dylan), Pop von anderen über den Zustand der Welt (Sun Ras The Truth about Planet Earth), Pop über das eigene Leben (Post Covid Honeymoon) und weitere Themen aus dem Woog Riots Universum. 

"It’s a classic list-song. Minimalist and child-like. Utterly charming ... a fascinating band and art- project ." Ged Babey über 'White', 

"It's great ... musically it contains elements of The Kinks and The Beatles." Mickey Bradley über 'White', BBC Radio Ulster 

„Eine liebevolle Dylaneske: Bob Dylan von Woog Riots.“ Byte.FM

"Das Duo verkündet Wahrheiten, die wir in dieser Schärfe selten so beiläufig serviert bekommen. Synthie undDrum Machine grooven auch ohne DFA-Produktion, im Zweifelsfalle beim Singen nicht überanstrengen - genial!“ Spex

TRAUMFABRIK LIVE Guzzi & Scuzzo spielen Scuzzos “Traumfabrik“ „Die Vertonungen von Träumen ist oft der reinste Kitsch. Dreamscape-Sounds sind meistens Klang-Klischees aus der naheliegendsten aller Echokammern. Eher nicht so drauf ist Manuel Scuzzo, der seine Songs anders strickt. Die Traumfabrik klingt nach den wachsten Träumen, die man kennt. Viel realer, strukturierter, geordneter als jede wirre nächtliche Szenerie. Alle Instrumente dienen nicht der Vernebelung oder der Verwischung, sondern der Konturierung. Das Licht ist immer an (egal, ob das von der Sonne oder Mondenschein). An Einschlafen ist quasi nicht zu denken, diese Kollektion ist im schönsten Sinne ausgeschlafen!“ (Gereon Klug) Guzzi & Scuzzo spielen mit Alltagsgeräuschen und den Techniken der Avantgarde: mit Field Recordings, Sampler, akustisch erzeugten und elektronisch verfremdeten Klängen sowie Synthesizer, Drummachines und Vocals. Stilistisch wandeln zwischen den unterschiedlichsten Welten von Electronica, Krautrock ohne viel Rock, 80s Sounds und verspieltem Verspulten, auch mal ambienten oder postklassischen Tunes. 


Montag 14.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking
Catapults (Pop-Punk from Oldenburg) + support
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Catapults “Punk Rock Bottom”

Headline Tour im Herbst 2024

Catapults spielen sich mit ihrer so spaßigen wie gefühlvollen Mischung aus Pop-Punk, Emo und Alternative-Rock schon seit einigen Jahren durch Europa, im Herbst 2024 wird es Zeit für die erste Headline-Tour der vier Oldenburger. An zehn Dates im Oktober und November nehmen Catapults alte wie neue Fans mit auf einen Ausflug zum Boden der Tatsachen und machen mit ihrer Punk Rock Bottom Tour in ganz Deutschland Halt. 

Zuletzt veröffentlichten Catapults ihre EP “Our Current Life”. Jetzt wird es Zeit für etwas Neues. Punk Rock Bottom soll Our Current Life ein gebührendes Ende bieten – und die Türen zu neuen Songs und einer neuen Ära für die Band aufstoßen. 

Die Tour wird präsentiert von Frontstage Magazine, Storm Before The Calm, Superfreunde und Spider Promotion.