Mittwoch 26.06. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
puschen & little league shows prsnt: EXEK (dub-post-punk, aus) + tba.
doors 19h - show 20h

puschen & little league shows prsnt:

EXEK / dub-post-punk/lofi, aus  / 

+ tba.

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. pre-sale tickets available -->
aftershow djs tba.

- - -
EXEK are returning to Europe and the UK in May/June 2024! The Australian post-punk outfit will be promoting their latest record ‘The Map and the Territory’ released October 2023 on Foreign Records. The other reason for the tour is that the band is now ten years old. In that time, EXEK have released six albums, and have toured Japan, the USA, and Europe. Their sound is difficult to pigeon hole due to a wide variety of influences (punk, trip-hop, RnB, dub, kraut, avant-garde), but the general consensus is something in the lineage of The Fall, Happy Mondays, ESG, and PIL. 

For the band, the highlights are not fame and fortune (well aware of their slim odds), but more so finding recognition amongst the artists they admire and are influenced by. Whether it's supporting Liars and Anika, or being added to playlists by late greats like Mark Stewart and Andrew Weatherall. Come find them playing a town near you!

Donnerstag 27.06. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
puschen & little league shows prsnt: GEO (post-punk/no-wave, nl) + tba.
doors 19h, show 20h, aftershow djs tba.

puschen & little league shows prsnt:

GEO / post-punk, no-wave,  nl /

+ tba.

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets at the doors or in pre-sale -->

Post-punk/no wave oddity Geo (KJ Braams (bass) Jorne Visser (vocals/guitar), Gijs Deddens (drums) and Ype Zijlstra (keys, electronics) are like a sentient slot machine: whatever seems happenstance is actually by design, and the more mismatched the moving parts appear, the more their music starts to make sense. Since the Groningen quartet’s inception in 2019, they have built a framework of skeletal agit-funk, cartoonish chromatics and neoteric art punk vignettes – sketching negative spaces where chaos and cacophony can sound perplexingly catchy. After releasing their esteemed EP in 2021, the band has entered its next creative chapter.

Out of Body – Geo’s long-awaited debut album – is an oblong snow globe utopia where dancing with two left feet is an actual custom. Out on Erste Theke Tontraeger on April 26, 2024 – this collection of songs constitutes material Geo have been writing and performing when they first entered the circuit. These jitterbug, birdbrained post-punk spiels are in the spirit of gung-ho deconstructionists like The Contortionists, The Fall and Gang of Four. On Out of Body the band play emotions out against each other like some kind of absurdist Punch and Judy show.

Samstag 06.07. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking
Shellycoat (Punkrock from Hamburg) + Eaten By Snakes (Punk / Pop / Synth two-piece from Bielefeld)
Dienstag 09.07. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking
Wonk Unit (DIY Punk from UK) + The Black Dogs (Punkrock from Berlin/Argentina)

WONK UNIT ist eine der vielseitigsten und abwechslungsreichsten Bands, die London im Moment zu bieten hat. 2005 wurden sie von Alex nach Auflösung der Punkband The Flying Medallions ins Leben gerufen.
Punk in England war so tot und langweilig zu der Zeit. Doch mit dem zufälligen Aufeinandertreffen von Alex und zwei sehr talentierten Musikern, Drummer Mez Clough und Gitarrist Gavin Kinch, deren Art zu spielen Alex Songs plötzlich überfrisch erklingen ließen, gab es eine neue Punkrockhoffnung.
Eine in Europa einzigartige Band mit eigenem Sound, eigenem Humor, eigenem Festival und tief verwurzeltem DIY Background. Alex Brindle Johnson ist dabei als Lead Singer, Poet, Skater, Stage Performer und kreativer Motor das Herz der Band, von der nicht wenige behaupten, dass es das derzeit Spannendste sei, was es auf Europas Punkrockbühnen zu sehen gibt.


Freitag 12.07. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking
GUM BLEED (Punkrock from China) + Menstruationsmassaker (Punk/ Berlin)
Event Bild


Formed in 2006 and hailing from the heart of China's cultural and political center, Beijing, GUM
BLEED have rapidly won over the underground scene, establishing themselves as a pivotal force
supporting China's youth culture.
Merging political awareness and metaphorical lyricism with the high-energy blend of punk,
hardcore, rock, and thrash, GUM BLEED crafts a classic and compelling sound. Their impressive
discography includes three albums, four EPs, and numerous compilations.
For a remarkable 18 years, Gum Bleed has been at the forefront of promoting Chinese punk. Not
only committed to shaping the rebellious sound of China's new generation, Gum Bleed's
dedication has taken them across the globe, captivating audiences with over 1,000 electrifying live
performances while actively working to forge connections between their local scene and the
broader global punk community.
The band's third and latest full-length album, "Punx Save the Human Race," was unleashed in
2021 through collaborations with labels in China, Germany, and Poland. As the world emerges
from the pandemic-induced hiatus, Gum Bleed is gearing up to hit European stages, bringing their
unique sound to audiences eager to experience the essence of rebellion and resilience. Get ready,
Europe – Gum Bleed is coming back again!

Montag 16.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
puschen & little league shows prsnt: WOMBO (indie-rock/post-punk, us, fire talk recs) + tba.
doors 19:00 - show 20:00

puschen & little league shows prsnt:

WOMBO / indie-rock/post-punk, us ///

 + tba.

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets at the doors and in pre-sale -->

»Wombo is an American three-piece art-rock indie band from Louisville, Kentucky. The band consists of members Sydney Chadwick (bass guitar, vocals), Cameron Lowe (guitar), and Joel Taylor (drums). Wombo was formed in 2016 by lead singer and bassist Sydney Chadwick and guitarist Cameron Lowe. Chadwick and Lowe had previously been members of a punk-pop band, The Debauchees. Once the band dissolved, Chadwick and Lowe recruited drummer Joel Taylor and made their live debut as Wombo in August 2016. 

After an LP and an album they signed to FIRE TALK Records in 2021 and have since released their EP Keesh Mountain and the album FAIRY DUST, which was called "a fairytale written on a not-so-great acid trip" (PASTE Magazine), and UPROXXX said that Wombo "created their own post-punk fairy tale..." and praised the band's "expertly executed art-rock sound that is complete with droning guitars, frenetic chords, and angular melodies."

In 2023 the band released their highly-praised EP SLAB, toured with bands like Bully and Cherry Glazerr. In September 2024 they'll be coming to Berlin for the first time.«

Samstag 21.09. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
powerline & little league shows prsnt: O. (exp sax & drums duo, uk) + tba.
doors 19, show 20h, after 22h DJs

powerline & little league shows prsnt:

O. / exp sax & drums duo, uk / 

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets at the doors or in pre-sale --> (starts april 12th 11am)

O. – the London-based duo of baritone saxophonist Joe Henwood and drummer Tash Keary – return with details of their highly anticipated debut album “WeirdOs” and a colossal new single titled “Green Shirt”.

The album is due out 21st June via Speedy Wunderground. Honing their fearless sound through a residency at Brixton’s iconic venue The Windmill, as well as on support slots across the UK and Europe with fellow heavyweights black midi and Gilla Band, O. have now distilled their unique live energy into their debut album, “WeirdOs”.

Featuring production from Dan Carey, WeirdOs is Tash and Joe at their most raucous and free. Across 10 tracks of high-octane instrumentals recorded live to tape, the duo encompass everything from cathartic dancefloor drops, to junglist breakbeats, intricate jazz lines, and sludgy, menacing doom metal.

Coming hot on the heels of last November’s debut EP “SLICE” – which won enthusiastic support from DIY, Dork, NME, Louder, and Rough Trade – the new single “Green Shirt” sees the band expanding on their ever evolving, epiphanic sound combining thundering blast beats with labyrinthine sax.

The band describe the single as “a short rock/metal rinse out. To match the distorted amp sounds coming from Joe, we put Tash's drums through distorted guitar amps on this one. It's named after Tash's favourite green flannel shirt, that was lost several times and then eaten by a dog.”



Mittwoch 13.11. 19:00 Uhr Musik
The Bottom Line (punk/uk)


Einlass: 19:00 | Beginn: 20:00 Uhr