Mittwoch 18.03.2020 19:00 Uhr Musik

Thema: Lofi Lounge
Lofi-Lounge presents: MARX (Indie/Berlin) + Goldfish (Indie/Berlin)
Dj Wello Rausch (WavePostRockIndiElektroPunkPopVinyl)


Dynamics to its extremes. Escaping from Instagram, WhatsApp and busy streets the quartet is searching for a better and calmer place. Their music is somewhere between Low and Beach House and reduced to the essence. MARX’s sounds are built out of samples, recorded all over the world. Tweaked recordings from a playground in Berlin to those inhaled on the subway in Tokyo. Johannes Marx and Marco Brosolo develop their own instruments to melt electronic and ‘acoustic’ music in a new way and change the way electronic music is performed. All the DIY & open source spirit is living in this band. It’s a lot of work, many fails, it takes ages but it opens up new doors for the music of MARX which is an essential thing. MARX Johannes Marx (D) - Vox, Guitar, Elektronics, Sound & Instrument Design (Pitchtuner, Planet 9) Akiko Matsuura (J) - Keyboards, Synths (Puppenmucke) Marco Brosolo (I) - Drums, Synths (9, Marco Brosolo) Ann Weller (D) - Keyboards, Synths, Vox (Ann & Bones)





Goldfish im Pocket-Format Fishgold sind roher, lauter, goldener Indie. Nur eben nackt, direkt und intim. Minimalistisch. Eckig/Rock/Pop- unfertig, entbeint, rauh.