Mittwoch 11.03.2020 19:00 Uhr Musik

Thema: Fourtrack On Stage
The Johns (Indie/Rock, NYC) + Goblin Prince (Baroque Pop, Berlin) + DJ PartyTypos

Gender tickling frontman Johnny Dydo’s rock-hard song writing, which often draws comparisons to that of Lou Reed and David Berman of The Silver Jews, sits comfortably and intensely with the band’s Caribbean polyrhythms and otherwise beachy vibes.


Goblin Prince's supernatural Baroque Pop feels like being led through a shadowy dream. Tragic and playful, the Spanish singer/songwriter blends medieval imagery, floral strings and 80s fantasy movie synth-pop as they draw on their experiences as a queer youth, candidly exploring shame, identity and alienation. Influenced by a wide range of artists such as Regina Spektor, Lewis Carroll, The Knife and Kate Bush, Goblin Prince is ready to establish their own genre-bending pop kingdom.