Samstag 07.03.2020 19:00 Uhr Musik

Riot Right NOW! w/ Plastiq - [Imrov Electronic - Synths Vocal /Hamburg] + ANTUANTU (Electropop Experimental/ARG) + Breezy (Hip Hop /US/ Bln) 
Reinfeiern in den Frauen*kampftag // *Party into International Womxn’s Day

RIOT Right NOW!  
Reinfeiern in den Frauen*kampftag
*Party into International Womxn’s Day
featuring Plastiq - (improv electronic [synth,voices, drum machines] / HH)  + ANTUANTU (Electropop Experimental/ARG) + Breezy (US/ Bln) 

DJ 21-23 Uhr +  DJ Stephi 23 -1 Uhr
Dj The Whitest Görl Alive 1 Uhr - Open end *with electronic / soul / disco / funk / dance-punk / post punk / hip hop / RnB / pop  a mixed bag all night long 

plastiq conspires with impulsiveness, for their music is improvised. Tracks evolve from playing
with beats on tapes, synthesizers and voices. The room, audience and collaborationists inspire a
happening unheard-of. plastiq sounds like Kraut, Sci-Fi, a tribe of sirens. And how could anyone
wonder about their lyrics? plastiq is here – in the limelight, behind the scenes, not on just
anyone’s lips. 


ANTUANTU(Electropop Experimental/ARG)
Antuantu sings the chaotic contradiction of the contemporary world. Their pixeled voice makes you
laugh while being sad, overexcited while introverted. A jar of sugary candy that gives you addiction
while saving you from the world’s mess. Their future-pop romanticism will remind you: don’t think
that dancing will make you feel less confused.

is a Berlin-based hip hop artist on a mission to infiltrate every kiez in the city with her
messages about race, womanhood, and the intersection of the two. Her latest release, MuLATTO MADness, is an R&B and soul-infused rap confrontation to the dominant culture. You can catch her MCing and DJing every other month at the Berlin Untelevised hip hop party, Cyphxr, or slaying the stage with her self-produced beats and powerful lyrics   http://www.imfeelinbreezy.com/

Schokoladen has always been known for a venue that honors the underground, has a community spirit and encourages equality in all its forms, outsiders for outsiders ✌🏽 therefore we see it as our duty as a collective to be part of the spotlight beyond our normal programming to bring up the underrepresentation of womxn in music topic to the forefront! Inspired by the “If you can see it, you can be it” philosophy of representation and throwing a critical eye towards ourselves and our colleagues elsewhere in the scene will also help to move the conversation and movement for change forward, make allies and identify what this means for the whole eco-system of DIY culture and inside of our own collective. We are politically forward and open on many levels but we have witnessed over the years locally and globally and within alternative scenes and spaces many examples of sexisim as well as a whole lot of other “isms” .. if truth be told. WE stand here as a collective in Solidarity and learn how we can make the world we create inside and even fairer place than we believe we have made. The Schokoladen would like to welcome you all to our event on March 7th, introducing a great lineup of live music plus DJs inside of celebratory evening where we can all raise a ✊🏽 in solidarity with all our female identifying, trans and non-binary sisters …


Our friends Night School Berlin and music B women are co-promoting this event with us! We also recommend during the day to attend the workshops they are organizing. you can find more information here ::