Donnerstag 20.02.2020 19:00 Uhr Musik

Thema: ApocaLipstick Disco
ApocaLipstick Disco presents: Hakan Tugrul + Bleedingblackwood


Hakan Tugrul was born 1985 in Istanbul and lives today in Berlin and Istanbul.
Since his childhood he has been very enthusiastic about music. In 2009 he discovered the Santur for himself - an instrument which has its roots in ancient Persia and later in India. At first he taught himself how to play the trapezoid corpus strung with metal strings. On his travels through Iran - among other things with the aim to learn traditional playing techniques - he then met the many Santur masters and learned from them. From 2014 he was on the road with various musical ensembles at international festivals and concerts, composed pieces for albums, film, TV and documentaries and played in various workshops as well as meditation and yoga courses.
In summer 2018 he performed together with the Ney player Tayfun Guttstadt and the project "Efendi Groove" at the Fusion Festival. They still work together as musicians in Berlin. In addition to his diverse solo appearances, he works with various musicians of different origins and gives Santur lessons in Berlin.


Timo C Engel aka Bleedingblackwood performs atmospheric Lo-Fi Pop Hymns. Sometimes minimalistic, sometimes opulent. Sometimes borrowed from the world and transferred to the computer but always connected to nature. Acoustic guitar and toy piano, kalimba and glockenspiel – Bontempi meets accordeon, a lonely Metronome, a deep voice. Mostly he performs with his other musical half Martina Bertoni.