Mittwoch 12.02.2020 19:00 Uhr Musik

Thema: Fourtrack On Stage
Seth Faergolzia's Multibird + Glassberg & the Disasters

Rochester, NY- Seth Faergolzia, one of anti-folk’s most fearless singer-songwriters, will hit the road this Winter with a new album from his latest project, Multibird. This special quartet tour will have performances in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland.

Formed in 2015, critics have hailed Multibird's sound as “tender and calm” (New York Press) and “twisted and distorted” (Relix). Where Faergolzia's critically-acclaimed avant-rock outfit, Dufus, shook up New York City in the ‘00s with folk-punk gymnastics and Captain Beefheart-esque abrasion, Multibird creates the communal amiability of a warm gathering around the hearth.

A Multibird show can lead almost anywhere, from raucous foot-stompers to songs soft, heartwarming and careful, to an a cappella quartet, all the while anchored by Faergolzia's enigmatic voice and captivating presence. Outré as the four-piece may get, fans of Mumford and Sons will still feel right at home.

The Multibird quartet consists of Seth Faergolzia (acoustic guitar, loops and vocals), Shaun Jones (electric guitar, vocals, and percussion), Emily DiPaola (trumpet, drums, vocals) and Luke Cornwell (bass, drums, vocals). These versatile and powerful musicians bring a huge sound despite the small ensemble.

Please get in touch at multibird.music@gmail.com for guest passes, interviews and for more information.

Glassberg & The Disasters (Berlin, Lousy Moon Records)
Cleverer Indiepop aus Berlin mit viel trockenem Humor und urkomischen Geschichten über Bouncer und B-Movie-Regisseure - live in voller Bandbesetzung mit Elke Horner, Vincent Long und Linnea Mårtensson von den Featherweights.