Montag 27.01.2020 19:00 Uhr Musik

Thema: M:Soundtrack
M:Soundtrack presents: Common Holly (Montreal) + Project Heartbreak
Thursdays = Great Music, Cheap Beer, New and Old Friends and best listening livingroom in town!

M:Soundtrack presents : Common Holly (Montreal) + Project Heartbreak (Bln) to a special deep winters night on the 27th of January at Schokoladen Mitte. Guitars and sad songs, Break ups and Big city blues are our focus tonight-- bring along a friend, the drinks are cheap, the door lady friendly and the room has seen and heard it all.

Introducing ...

Common Holly (Montreal //Barsuk Records (US), Dalliance Recordings (UK/EU) Joins us in Schokladen with her new album "When I say to you Black Lightning". Montreal singer-songwriter Brigitte Naggar knows how to hook you in. “With a trash can full of blood and hair/ You had to get yourself out of there,” she sings over delicately finger-picked guitar. What follows is a slightly less dramatic, though perhaps more relatable, tale of big city burnout. Fader David Renshaw

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/commonholly/

Project Heartbreak create their own accompanying soundtrack for lovesickness of all kinds: From pain to the end of a romantic love relationship, to despair via fake news and conspiracy theorists. People whisper, suffer and try to patch broken hearts together. In the end, you can smile again a bit.