Mittwoch 18.12.2019 19:00 Uhr Musik

Thema: Lofi Lounge
Lofi-Lounge presents: Blondevillain (Indie/Berlin) + Izzy and the Black Trees (PL fuzz americana)
DJ Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Elektro, Pop)

Blondevillain (Indie/Berlin)

A Berlin based rock band that blends the black and white grittiness of a classic rock photo, with the vibrant colors of say, the Amazon or Tokyo at night.
Heavy grooves, expensive chords, and a voice to make your mother weep tears of joy is but one attempt at describing the band's music, although you can also have a go after listening to their single 24h Blackstar

Izzy and the Black Trees (PL)

Izzy & The Black Trees blend soulful americana with post-punk energy = fuzz americana. Founded by the singer and band leader, Izabela Rekowska who spent some time in London working-up her songwriting skills. The band have self-released their debut EP in September 2018. Currently, with the new fuzz infused single Picasso's Octopuss released, they are preparing to launch their LP in Jan/Feb 2020. Their live shows are full of punk and rock'n'roll energy.. "Izzy and the Black Trees bring a female lead energy that can be compared to early Blondie, Pj Harvey, Patti Smith band, mixed with fuzz guitar riffs and memorable lyrics & melodies"