Montag 25.11.2019 19:00 Uhr Musik

Thema: thirsty & miserable
ZOO (Ritual tribal vital Voodoo-Noise, Indonesia) + Rully Shabara (of Senyawa - Solo)
Here comes the third European tour to discover these 4 wild animals ZOO.
pioneers of the challenging, confusing, mesmerizing Indonesian experience (since 2005)
which incite ecstatic, ethnic, sonic, hectic, frenetic dementia!
Esthete quartet ; Hardcore quatuor ; All mad all flame ; A breathtaking and vibrant discovery.
Original combo around RULLY SHABARA —from surrealist vocalist duo loco SENYAWA

Born in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia in May, 1982. Interested in exploring human voice as a medium of creation, andoral traditions,folkloric texts as subject of study. Exploring vocal range and textures in Senyawa, and develop conceptual music project in Zoo. Initiated numerous concept based projects around voices as main element. Recent works are focusing on creating systems to conduct random human voices into more systematic improvisations and now has extended to even more complex orchestral system.Have collaborated with many notable international musicians and artists such as Keiji Haino, Otomo Yoshihide, Rabih Beaini, Damo Suzuki, Bob Ostertag, Yoshida Tatsuya,Trevor Dunn,Jon Sass, DJ Sniff, Daisuke Fuwa, Greg Fox, and many more.