Sa 01.06.2019
19.00 Uhr
Musik   M:Soundtrack presents: LEGO (french punk aus B) + Rimojeki (new wave psychedelic stoner)

Punk, Dance, cheap beer and toughlove .... w/ DJ Felix-Florian Toughlove on the decks

Schokoladen has always welcomed young bands to our stage -- often they had their Berlin premieres -- Tonight M:Soundtrack welcomes Légo (French punk from Berlin) + Rimojeki (psych aus Israel) come and welcome them with us and stick around for post show maybe even bring your dancing shoes! dancing! cheap beer! and DJ Felix-Florian Toughlove

Légo is an Assembly of elements, explosive interactions, Lego builds and deconstructs, reviving what burns inside to set fire to black ideas. and there albumis called Démo D'amour oh my -- french punk from Berlin

Rimojeki, a power couple on stage and life -- Just a pair of humanoid aliens driven by their love for life, imagination, the acceptance of the madness in the existence, outer space, science and death. Rimojeki's music combines trance-electro beats with New Wave guitars, synth's and effects, theremin and wet crazy vocals that aim to take the audience to a psychedelic journeyfull of alien stories, future, love and darkness.  everything is accompanied by theatricality colorful performance, shameless humor and video-art !

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