Mo 12.06.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   The Hollow Man (Apocalyptic Soundscapes) + Todesstrahlen (Psychwave/Sickrock)

Aftershow: Oskar Valentine (8mm Bar)
The Hollow Man

The Hollow Man’s music is a dark and moody virtual soundtrack to a post-nuclear landscape. His latest album ‘Walking Ghost Phase‘ takes the listener to uncomfortable, cold places with only a glimmer of hope hidden behind abandoned buildings.

The live shows feature visuals created by swiss artist The Blind Eye and the visual fragments give the audience some clues to what the world inside The Hollow Man’s head looks like.

The new album ‘Walking Ghost Phase’ is available to buy and/or stream on Bandcamp. (

A video trailer for the new album can be found on YouTube (

Over the years, The Hollow Man played live shows with Cluster (D), Felix Kubin (D), Sole & The Skyrider Band (US), Savage Republic (US), Tearist (UK), Das Ding (NL), Damo Suzuki (JAP), Sonic Boom (UK), Venetian Snares (US) and The Young Gods (CH) to name a few. He also played a lot of headphone-concerts with his own little setup for 20 guests.


Todesstrahlen is a brand new band based in Berlin which mixes industrial, wave and psychedelic sounds. The organic and natural mixture comes from the former experiences of the three members who have been active in several bands of different musical scenes. Born at the beginning of the 2016, they recorded a first DIY album after some improvisation sessions where self-made instruments (made with construction site materials) and hypnotic shoegaze guitar and bass sound were setted up.

Di 13.06.2017
20.30 Uhr
Lesung   LSD - Liebe Statt Drogen

Anschliessend: LAUT UND BILLIG - Der Wilde Gitarren Tresen
Micha, Volker, Uli, Tube, Spider, Ivo und Sascha präsentieren Geschichten, Lieder und Gäste.

Mi 14.06.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Fourtrack On Stage: The Sound of Money (Retropop, München) + Birds and Coughs (Indie, Berlin)

+ DJ!
The Sound of Money (Smarter Retrop aus München)
TH€ $OUND OF MON€¥, a band from the truly vital across-all-genres underground scene of Munich. Facing that 2017 is also the 50th anniversary of "Summer Of Love" the band took 12 of their favourite late 60’s albums, created anagrams with those album names and made those their song titles. Then they took those 12 imaginary songs and wrote new lyrics and new music with it.

Drei schöne, ganz unterschiedliche Mixtapes, mit je einem Song aus ihren Lieblingsalben gibt es auf Spotify:

Birds and Coughs (Berlin, Emotion Master)
Unfiltered hydro lobster pop: A curious mixture of rock n roll, oblique harmonies, lighthearted grooves, coral reefs and crackling transparence. Through their short time together the group has been labeled many things, 'The aurora borealis of Neukölln', and 'a bunch of depraved hedonists' to name but two.

Do 15.06.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Hollow Illusion (Rockduo from Norway) + PEM (Rock/Berlin) presented by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

door 7 pm, show 8 pm (Aftershowparty from 10 pm with DJ)
HOLLOW ILLUSION plays a mix of acoustic pop ballads, which are inspired by: Foo Fighters,to classic rock songs that are inspired by: bands like: T.N.T, Europe, AC / DC, Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath.

Fr 16.06.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: DON VITO (hyperkinetic Noise-Tohubohu, Leipzig) + LES SPRITZ (Weird Noise/Stress-Wave, Italy)

don vitodoors 19:00 - show 20:00
les spritz The band’s description of their music “hyper kinetic instrumental noise tohubohu” couldn’t be any more accurate. The moment Don Vito let a bit of chaos out of the sack all appendages within hearing distance begin to fidget hysterically. It is like being hit with the spray from a machine gun. Welcome the apocalypse of rock smiling at you from three lunatics who appear to thrash at their instruments more than to play them. But somehow they never loose continuity in this chaos of interwoven high speed-grooves.

I have tried in vain to count the number of different rhythms they hit you with in their minute-long songs. An indistinguishable mass of tact changes that keep in time despite wild anarchy. Just when you find yourself head-banging to some stomping beat and your ear plugs fall out of your ears (wait a minute… what ear plugs?) the drummer switches into some other thundering groove or blast beat all wrapped up in lightning and hail! It sends you flying and when you wake up, you are laying in a corner somewhere on the other side of the room.

Amongst the bedlam, there comes an occasional nanosecond break in the music, which they fill with screams, grunts, and shrieks. Before you know it 45 seconds have gone by and you find yourself panting for the next song.

These are three people who will never have to worry about being overweight. They give off so much energy and sweat it would be dangerous to have them play anywhere near the polar ice caps. This band IS a weapon!

It is clearly evident that they cannot possibly play 3-hour concerts at such a high level of energy. But it is always sad when the concert ends. It leaves you wanting more, more, and more! Not to fear however, the band is touring extensively and you will certainly be able to catch them in your area soon. Let the tohubohu perforate your brain!

Don Vito does not need to follow the rules; the rules have learned to follow Don Vito.
Remarkably, they are free from genre and categorization. They have delightfully blended post-puberty carelessness with just a touch of self-irony.

From now on, you will no longer have to think of that brainless wanker from Jackass when you hear the name Don Vito, but rather of that kick-ass band from the bowels of Germany.

Sa 17.06.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   READY STEADY GO: The Sonnenbergs (TrashBeatPop 'n' Roll) & Ghost Pony (Psychghostponypop) beide Berlin

Our sound can be described as a not-so-patented blend (although “bland” would be more appropriate) of tipping-our-hats-to-the-giants (The Sonics! The Stooges! The Kinks! Ramones! Def Leppard!!!) Rock N’ Roll which is sure to put the nuts into your fruitcakes this Holiday Season, or at least render your choreomaniacal indie-disco limbs inert. Hailed as “a band”, “a Berlin-based band” or just “douchebags” by several venerable local music magazines, The Sonnenbergs continue to make their audiences slit their wrists, pierce their eardrums or abandon listening to music forever. If you want to regret approx. 60 minutes of your life, or if you have a knack for masochism and/or self-mutilation, then please do come to our shows and witness us destroying your faith in music once and for all.

Ghost Pony are two members of ex-Mokkers. Enjoy

So 18.06.2017
20.00 Uhr
Musik   Schokoladen OPEN STAGE

play your songs unplugged!
starts between 8:30 and 9 pm. artists should arrive around 8 pm!

Just you, perhaps a friend, not more than two instruments and two to four songs! Sign at Schokoladen or under this adress: ... or just come over!

Mo 19.06.2017
21.00 Uhr
Party   "SCHOKOKUSS" presents: PartyNight

Die queere Punk-Elektro-Nacht

Di 20.06.2017
20.30 Uhr
Lesung   LSD - Liebe Statt Drogen

Anschliessend: LAUT UND BILLIG - Der Wilde Gitarren Tresen
Micha, Volker, Uli, Tube, Spider, Ivo und Sascha präsentieren Geschichten, Lieder und Gäste.

Mi 21.06.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: A Seated Craft (Indie/-Folk/Aus) + Mute Swimmer (Indie/UK/Berlin)

DJ Reboot FM (Indie, Soul, Pop)
A Seated Craft info

A Seated Craft is the music of Australian songwriter/ producer Alexia Peniguel. At times folky, at others jazzy, and becoming more and more nostalgic for the 80s, A Seated Craft mixes guitars and synths and horn sections and harpsichords to take your everyday stories and sing them back to you in a voice that both breaks and reawakens you. Based in Berlin since 2004, A Seated Craft has released two albums: 2011's intimate autumnal-folk debut “The savage and the small” and 2014's atmospheric orchestral-pop hybrid “Of birds”. She is currently working on a third album.

Mute Swimmer

Mute Swimmer is the principal musical project of British artist Guy Dale. His music defies easy categorization fusing characteristics of the traditional melodic song with performance art, folk and post rock.

He has described his work as an act of sabotage - often taking the process of writing and the moment of performance itself as a narrative subject. Romantic, ironic and hauntingly melancholic by rapid turns he has quickly earned a reputation as a compelling live performer.

Mute Swimmer’s Second (2014) and Present Perfect EP (2015) received much critical acclaim and airplay on BBC 6 Music (UK), Radio Tres (ES) and Byte FM (DE). 7” Song Against Itself was single of the week at Rough Trade and Piccadilly Records in the UK. Other releases include Old Tricks (Split EP with Own Road, 2013) Orientation (2011) and Mute Swimmer (2010). He also makes experimental sound works under the name Dala. New LP Air Itself is due for release April 2017 on Truco Espárrago. Mute Swimmer has performed over 400 shows across Europe since 2011. These included headline shows in London, Lisbon, Madrid, Copenhagen and Zurich. He lives and works in Berlin.

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