Mo 08.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Thank U for Smoking (Noise/Drone/Postrock, Sardegna) + Thisquietarmy (experimental Drone/Ambient, Canada)

doors 19:00 - show 20:00 - danach Schokokuss (Queer-Punk-Party)
Thank U for Smoking is a musical project active since 2009. Since the beginning, the main concept that characterizes the band is the sound: hours of jam were spent to analyze the meaning, the proportion, the idea. The initial attitude was entirely devoted to an instrumental improvisation, and was later structured and ordered to create an exact mix of vocal and instrumental melody.

They've played shows all around Europe playing festivals like Dunk! Festival, We are a young team, KME, sharing the stage with, among the others: Killing Joke, Russian Circles, This Will Destroy You, Yndi Halda, Nordic Giants, Syndrome, Nadja, Bellini, Dyse, Tying Tiffany, touring with Thisquietarmy, Mombu.

“YOMI” is a 50 minutes of chaotic and doomish layers that explore human attitudes. “Yomi” is “a dark, suffering, thoughtful” work in which the strong “noise-rock” and “post-rock” influences coexist in “drone”, “doom”, “space-rock” and “alternatives” vortices.


Thisquietarmy is a Montreal-based project active since 2005, pioneering the experimental music scene emerging from Canada. Revolving around improvised guitar drone and by combining textural & structural elements of ambient/noise, electronic/shoegaze, post-punk/krautrock, black/doom metal, thisquietarmy creates an impressive wide range of dynamic soundscapes which oscillates between the beauty of repetitive dreamy minimalism and the heavy suffocation of multi-layered noisescape and industrial beats, as presented in its prolific discography comprising of over 30 releases on more than 20 different labels worldwide - including full-length albums on esteemed labels such as Denovali Records, Aurora Borealis, Consouling Sounds, Shelter Press, three:four Records & Alien8 Recordings. thisquietarmy has also recorded collaborations with as Aidan Baker (Nadja), Scott Cortez (loveliescrushing), André Foisy (Locrian), Labirinto, Monarch, Noveller, Syndrome (Amenra), USA Out of Vietnam, Year Of No Light & Yellow6, and has taken part in other projects such as Hypnodrone Ensemble, Destroyalldreamers, Mains de Givre & Parallel Lines. With such a large body of work and 450 live performances in more than 30 countries in North/South America, Europe & Asia, including appearances at esteemed festivals such as Red Bull Music Academy (Montreal), Mono No Aware Cinema Arts festival (New York), Nemo Digital Arts Biennale (France), Incubate Festival (Netherlands), Le Guess Who (Netherlands), Dunk! Festival (Belgium), Amplifest (Portugal), Denovali (Germany), Drone Celebration (Argentina), Moving Noises (Germany), Suoni Per Il Popolo (Canada), Zemlika (Latvia).

Mi 10.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Fourtrack On Stage: Boo Hoo (Folk/Frankfurt) + The Johns (NYC) + Cabbages (Berlin)

+ DJ Monophonic
BOO HOO (Indie, Songwriter/Frankfurt/Main)
Boo Hoo is German singer-songwriter Bernhard Karakoulakis. Maintaining a steady output of recordings since 2008 Boo Hoo has cultivated a style of melancholy melodic folk music. With a focus on observational lyrics and fingerstyle guitar picking Boo Hoo played for growing audiences in Germany, Europe and the US.
(Foto: Lena Opitz)

The Johns (NYC)
“Johnny Dydo, the former drummer and co-vocalist for the local folk-rock band the WoWz, now takes the stage as the Johns. Whether singing solo or with accompaniment, Dydo delivers thought-provoking rock songs with a poet’s attention to lyrical detail and an unpolished, sometimes erratic voice.” (The New Yorker)

Cabbages (Berlin)
Cabbages is the double sided sword of damocles 
hanging over your beggars banquets. The two headed
rock n roll abortion by Paul Jones and Björn Magnusson.

Do 11.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Respect the Rock Party mit Hell Nation Army (Kick Ass Rock'n'Roll) + King Mastino (Garage/Rock/It)
Fr 12.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   OFFBEATCLUB: Wood In Di Fire (GroovyJazzyReggae)

Mit Jamaican Jazz und handfesten Reggae-Grooves bringen Wood In Di Fire bei ihren Live-Sessions die Dancehall zum Toben. Was als loses Jam-Projekt begann, hat sich nach einigen Touren und CD-Aufnahmen zur festen Band entwickelt. Doch der Session-Gedanke ist immer noch lebendig: Die Bandmitglieder und Gäste bringen die verschiedensten Einflüsse aus Reggae, Jazz, Trip Hop, Ska, Elektro und Latin mit und sorgen damit immer wieder für überraschende Kicks.

Sa 13.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Soli für Pi-Radio mit den Toylettes (Rumpelpop/B+P) + P.I.T.Z (Punkrock/P)

danach DJanes Ecklig & Niki Matita + Chill Out Lounge im Club der polnischen Versager

Mo 15.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: The Physics House Band (Mathrock/Experimental, Brighton, UK) + GOSHAWK (Noise-/Mathrock, Berlin) + InTechnicolour (Stoner/Doom, UK)

The Physics House Banddoors 19:00 - show 19:30
goshawkThe Physics House Band are Sam Organ (guitar/keys), Adam Hutchison (bass/keys) and Dave Morgan (drums). The three met at university in Brighton, almost by accident, after the breakup of their previous bands, but the result couldn’t sound further from an accident. The Physics House Band posses a musical prowess way beyond their years, creating avant-garde compositions that capture everything from jazz to prog to psych to tech-metal to tech-rock, all combined together and executed to perfection.

Named after a sculpture by Alexander Calder, which Adam stumbled across in a gallery in Madrid, the record is about a hallucinogenic journey through the mind, parallel universes and the astral plane, using the allegory of diving into a Mercury Fountain. The first half focusses on exploring different realms, scenes and situations – gaining knowledge and understanding as you go. The second half of the record embarks on an intense journey through fury, violence, madness and bliss, using all the knowledge and understanding gained in the first half. The album ends the same way that it begins: emerging from the Mercury Fountain, only to dive straight back in.

Recorded with Joel Magill & Raven Bush at Wicker Studios in Kent, ‘Mercury Fountain’ uses a wealth of vintage microphones, amplifiers, drum sets and synthesisers, featuring a Wurlitzer, a couple of 70s Moogs, a roland string RS202, and even a bizarre Russian Moog copy. For The Physics House Band, experimentation is key and a large part of the recording and writing process. The group had a little help from their friends to create ‘Mercury Fountain’, with Raven Bush on violin, ‘Biscuit’ on jazz flute and ‘Willy G’ on saxophone.

is a relatively new band, but their members draw experience from other endavours like Delta Sleep and The Physics House Band. As a contrast to these bands though, InTechnicolour strive for straightforwardness expressed via melodic stoner rock not entirely unlike Queens of the Stoneage. Kerrang! Radio just aired their new single Doomer, which will be available soon.

Mi 17.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: LOLITA TERRORIST SOUNDS (Indie/Berlin) + Das Tier am Wasserloch (Indie/Berlin) + Robert Lee Fardoe (Indie/Berlin)

Aftershowparty mit DJ Monophonic (Indie, Electro, Pop)

is the stage name of MAURIZIO VITALE and very often includes special guests and

Maurizio Vitale is an Italian-born musician.

He is the leader and founding member of the Berlin-based avant-gard band Lolita
Terrorist Sounds.

He is active in a number of artistic fields as drummer, music producer,
multi-instrumentalist musician, performer, singer and movie actor.

For the full band live acts , frontman Maurizio Vitale is supported by a full
international line-up that includes Roderick Miller (piano, backing vocals), Masaya
Moussa KalamUllah (drums, zither) and occasionally Colin Hacklander (drums).

The band is currently working on their debut album featuring as special guests
Kristof Hahn (Swans), NU Unruh (Einstruzende Neubauten), Bob Rutman.


Das Tier am Wasserloch

„Seit dem Herbst 2016 experimentiert »Das Tier am Wasserloch« an einer

Melange aus New-Wave- und Elektro-Pop-Elementen, die sich durch ihre musikalische Exploration der Methodik des Free-Jazz und Krautrock bedient.

Motive und Themen werden in minutenlanger Safari abstrahiert bzw. defragmentiert, um vor dem Konsumenten durch neu-ermöglichte Hörzugänge (in minimalistischer Selbstverleugnung) wieder aufzutauchen.

Der Angst vor ewig gleichen Wahrnehmungsmustern trotzend wird jede Probe aufgenommen und einem analytischen Abstraktionsprozess unterworfen. Das

Gespenst der Langeweile legt sich auf die Couch, um sich dort seiner Motive und Impulse berauben zu lassen. Reduktion und Experiment siegt gegen seelenlose Industriemusik!“

(aus „Musik & Kapital“, Seite 42, 2017, Völtzke-Verlag, Holger Honig, parteiloser
Beatsenator der Stadt Berlin)

Helen Neikes - Bass

Regina Gisbertz - Stimme

Ludger Kleff - Schlagzeug

Kriz Mantel - Synthesizer, Samples

Irmund Storms - Gitarre

Robert Lee Fardoe

"Robert Lee Fardoe is a passionate, soulful Singer/Songwriter from Wales. He sings
deep, socio-political, multi-genre songs straight from the heart and is equally
compelling with his ensemble or as a soloist. With performances of intensity,
honesty and humility. Fardoe is a once-in-a-generation performer" - RUN UNITED

Do 18.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   IDestroy (Punkrock/UK) + Uppercuts (streetpunk/Bln) Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

IDestroydoor 7 pm, show 8 pm (Aftershowparty from 10 pm with DJ)
Uppercuts Wir stellen euch hiermit IDestroyvor, angriffslustige Mädels aus Bristol, UK, die bereit sind, die Welt an sich zu reißen. Überaus passioniert und bestrebt, sich in der Musikindustrie zu behaupten, haben Idestroy sich bisher durch verschiedene Tourneen geschlagen und eine energische EP rausgehauen. Die EP Vanity Loves Me fasst den roughen, jedoch sehr originellen und interessanten Sound der Band zusammen: voller Angst und purer Emotion preschen perfekte Melodien und ein grooviger Bass den Sound nach vorne, sodass die vier überaus sympathischen jungen Frauen völlig in ihrer Musik ausleben können. Dabei kommen die Einflüsse ihrer Idole zusammen: The Slits, Gossip und Motorhead. Der Titel Party-Punk wird dem Sound gerecht, denn die Mädels machen auch privat gern Party – jedoch nie ohne ein beachtliches Maß an Professionalität an den Tag zu legen, was ihre Tourbiografie in jungen Bandtagen bereits beweist.

Diesmal unterstützt von UPPERCUTS aus Berlin

Kaufi (guitar), Mitja (drums), Manja (vocals), Erich (guitar), Grit (bass)

Fr 19.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   SONIC BOOM: Mondo Fumatore (Fuzz/Indie/aternativ) & Party Fears (Indiepop) beide Berlin

Mondo Fumatores Pakt mit dem Teufel wurde noch in den 90er Jahren geschlossen.
Mittlerweile ist man per Du und raucht gemeinsam die Friedenspfeife, prall gestopft mit Neo-Kraut.
Psych-Pop bedeutet, die Obertöne linksdrehend zu verwirbeln. Im weitesten Sinne eine Spezialität von Mondomarc, der mit seiner Fuzzgitarre Wurmlöcher zur Sonne gräbt und mit salzgetränkter Stimme Kathedralen am Meer anheult.
Gwendolin experimentiert mit ihrer Bassgitarre im harmonischen Tiefgewebe und singt elfengleiche Antworten auf Mondomarcs Melodiebögen, während Endai Hüdl seine Drums und Synthies bis zur Schwelle der Durchsichtigkeit schlägt.

Party Fears is a band formed in Seoul, now based in Berlin. We make indie pop and hope you like it with your ears.

Sa 20.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Porn To Hula

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