Fr 15.06.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   READY STEADY GO: The Gift (PowerPopPunk ModSound - Fr) & Spartan Allstars (SkaRocksteadyReggae-Bln)

Time for Action says: The Gift- Running around this town - Ready for a trip with lots of surprises, trials & tribulations? If classical Power Pop is fueled with cans of soda and packs of Bubble Yum, this Nantes- based band´s idea of sweets is a mid-priced Pinot Noir! It starts with some really strong, forceful and catchy Power Pop/ Mod tunes. But more and more it get mixed with deep, dark and urban Post- Punk / New Wave sound. And after becoming the „Fly on the Wall“ it is necessary to recognize by the bitter sweet last song that: „These words are the shitest things I´ve ever seen” !

Spartan Allstars Bands die wir gut finden

Engine 54, Time Tough, The What...For!, The Butlers
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