Sa 17.06.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   READY STEADY GO: The Sonnenbergs (TrashBeatPop 'n' Roll) & Ghost Pony (Psychghostponypop) beide Berlin

Our sound can be described as a not-so-patented blend (although “bland” would be more appropriate) of tipping-our-hats-to-the-giants (The Sonics! The Stooges! The Kinks! Ramones! Def Leppard!!!) Rock N’ Roll which is sure to put the nuts into your fruitcakes this Holiday Season, or at least render your choreomaniacal indie-disco limbs inert. Hailed as “a band”, “a Berlin-based band” or just “douchebags” by several venerable local music magazines, The Sonnenbergs continue to make their audiences slit their wrists, pierce their eardrums or abandon listening to music forever. If you want to regret approx. 60 minutes of your life, or if you have a knack for masochism and/or self-mutilation, then please do come to our shows and witness us destroying your faith in music once and for all.

Ghost Pony are two members of ex-Mokkers. Enjoy

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