Mi 30.08.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   M:Soundtrack: Academie (ZA)

Academie play their debut European show!

Building on their success with their debut single Sulphur, Jean-Louise and Alex Parker of Academie have launched their first EP entitled Volumes. Joined by anything from sax to a brass section to a full choir at live shows, the wife and husband duo from Johannesburg, South Africa, known for their performances with the bands Dear Reader (Jean-Louise) and ISO (Alex), take their audience on a sensitive but exciting journey with a live show that really packs a punch. Jean-Louise transports listeners with her ethereal and haunting vocals and vocoder effects while Alex, on drums and synthesizers, delivers a meditative electronic back-beat. Jean-Louise on viola and electric guitar contributes to a sombre tone cut through with occasional displaced abstract infusions from the sax. Exciting rhythmic and melodic variations lend this stylistically eclectic band an anthemic quality.

The incredible Cherilyn Macneil of Dear Reader will also be performing some songs.

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