Do 28.09.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   M:Soundtrack: presents: Birthday Fête - Bingo & Bongo a.k.a Conni & Sebbi w/ mOck + UNS pt. 1

2 evenings of friends & loops and beeps, apes and tapes


Zwei beispielhafte Abende für die kommenden 36-38 Jahre! Petula und Kid Ikarus vereinen einmal mehr ihre Kräfte. Wie sie es immer tun gegen Ende September. Sie müssen. Sie sind dafür geboren worden. Expect: neue Ideen und alte fan favorites. Erwartet süßen Tee und bittere Tränen. Expect loops and beeps and apes and tapes. These are good people.

Geburtstagskonzert(e) No. VII

28.9. // ABEND # 1 

Für Teil eins unseres Rein-und-Rausfeier-Spaßes verkleiden sich Bingo und Bongo wieder als Trios. Voll gut. Weil: Voll gut.

Puzzle-Schwurbelei und dann Laserfeuerwerk. 

doors (19:00)

mOck (20:00)

UNS (21:00)



Geburtstagskonzert(e) No. VII


29.9. // ABEND # 2


Eure beiden Yours Trulies Bingo und Bongo in Persona, in live, in solo und doch nicht allein. 

AUSSERDEM: Das lange verschollene, wahrscheinlich am 29.9. ohne-scheiß-da-seiende vierte Ampl:tude Album »Endlich Mittwoch« wird zelebriert. oha!


doors (19:00)

Petula & Kid Ikarus (20:00)

AMPL:TUDE … »Endlich Mittwoch« album release show (21:00)

Do 26.10.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   M:Soundtrack presents: Wild Arrows (ex-New Idea Society/NYC) w/ Ette Enaka (CZ) + High Heels (Bln)

Thursdays = Good Music

Wild Arrows (NYC /ex New Idea Society) Their new album Dreamlike Dream was written and recorded after Hurricane Sandy caused the total destruction of the band's Brooklyn studio.  Wild Arrow's singer and main songwriter Mike Law rebuilt the studio, now called The Civil Defense, and today's album is the first LP to be recorded there.   


Holed up in The Civil Defense for the better part of 2016 with main collaborator singer and synth player Yasmin Reshamwala, the two tracked 25 songs trying to find the right combination for the album.  Law was able to fully explore his own songs with bizarre old reverbs, delays, reasonable microphones and speakers to hear what was happening. Wild Arrows used a combination of electronic drums and guest drummers (Alan Cage/Quicksand) on the album.  On this tour the band will be accompanied by members if ETTE ENAKA from the Czech Republic.



Acclaim for Dreamlike Dream:

"a melancholic tone in the vocals and lyrics, with a gorgeous and stark contrast in the instrumentals, which make you feel like you're in an 80's pop dream." Impose Magazine

"The song's fast-paced guitar and crashing drums create a hazy, energetic track that calls to mind the brilliance of early Arcade Fire." Cryptic Rock on "Breathe Through"

"Brooklyn-based band, Wild Arrows, effortlessly forms dream-pop tunes with an integrated dark streak that feels enchanting and immersive...Mike Law and company delve into personal, accessible and heartfelt subject matter - all the while gripping the listener with stellar arrangements and illusory tones. Wild Arrows constantly pulls in the world's triviality, connects it, and gives it right back to us with some flavoursome hooks and unforced lines..." The Seventh Hex

ETTE ENAKA is an Indie-rock trio which has been one of the biggest discoveries of year 2016 in the Czech Republic alternative music scene. ETTE ENAKA brings distinguishing guitar melodies, post punk drive and emotive vocals combined with pushing choruses.


The band was built up by members from well-known emo-core RUTKA LASKIER and iconic DE

MOOD. They are proud to follow-up DE MOOD influence which remained after 13 years DIY activity,

many DIY organized shows and 7 DE MOOD releases. DE MOOD also toured abroad. The most

bands have traveled and played shows for example in London, New York, Boston, Moscow

and St. Petersburg.


High Heels  -

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