Mi 29.03.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   M:Soundtrack & Schubladen Consortium w / Kulku (Bln) + Shed Ballet (Leipzig)

Andreas Riska & Johanna Riska, Gatis and Talis Silde from Ej Bejkot, & Alex Samuels and Max Gassman
Kulku // acoustical sound sources and instruments, reaching from old wooden organ pipes, to xylophones, timpani, scrap metal and kids toys, creates an apocalyptical scenery that is strongly referencing within its construction to contemporary compositions of Avantgarde music like Steve Reich, György Ligeti or Carl Orff. The almost never ending, deep resonance of the tanks that served the band and the label’s producers as a frame for the recordings, created sounds from a extraterrestrial sphere which formed a modern kind of “Trance Music“ - “Primitive Music“ as the band named it themselves.

Founded in 2002 by Andreas Riska (a.k.a. Wenzlovar) and Johanna Riska, Kulku spans out to a maximum of ten musicians, including as well Gatis and Talis Silde from Ej Bejkot as Alex Samuels and Max Gassman from Brace/Choir. The bands’ sound is a weird mixture of Kraut, Noise, Soul and No-Age that was hidden in the Berlin underground for a long while and finally shows its blooming creativity with this record.

Shed Ballet //Die drei Musikerinnen waren bereits in mehreren verschiedenen Bandprojekten aktiv, bevor sie sich in der seit ca. 2008 bestehenden Experimental-Rock-Formation Make New Maps zusammen fanden, zu der u.a. auch Florian Wienczny von A Forest und Jonas Wehner, späterer Mitgründer der Warm Graves gehörten. Ihr 6 Track Debüt wurde von Joe Haege von White Wine produziert.

Do 27.04.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   M:Soundtrack: Mira Aasma (Swe)

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