Mi 24.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   M:Soundtrack: Leoprrrds (Bln/ international) + Hollis James (South Africa/Bln)

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M:Soundtrack:  Leoprrrds  (Bln/ international) + Hollis James (South Africa/Bln)

is and has always been a venue where you can hone your musical chops .. "if I can make it there" .... and M:Soundtrack very much likes to give new acts a place to shine .. this week we invite Berlin transplants Leoprrrds and Hollis James to the rose papered stage for their debut -- please welcome them with open arms and see that the future is now.

we will be there with bells on ...

is a Berlin-based three-piece featuring Maya on guitar and voice, Victoria on bass and voice, and Ian on drums and voice. The members come from three different countries, two continents and totally diverse backgrounds. Maya studied guitar at the conservatory in Jerusalem and composition at the UDK in Berlin. Victoria was raised by bears and wolves in Arctic Circle-land, and is an acclaimed novelist in her homeland. She played in various bands in New York and New Orleans before relocating to Berlin. Ian moved to Berlin from Glasgow, where he played many instruments in many bands on the local indie-scene. Together they make dreamy, but raw music that has been compared to the xx, Sleater-Kinney and Slint.

Hollis James
is a pschedelic beach jazz trio from Berlin and Cape Town/South Africa, covering a range of moods and exploring spirited gestures in imagination and dreamy wondering."

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