Mi 10.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Fourtrack On Stage: Boo Hoo (Folk/Frankfurt) + The Johns (NYC) + Cabbages (Berlin)

+ DJ Monophonic
BOO HOO (Indie, Songwriter/Frankfurt/Main)
Boo Hoo is German singer-songwriter Bernhard Karakoulakis. Maintaining a steady output of recordings since 2008 Boo Hoo has cultivated a style of melancholy melodic folk music. With a focus on observational lyrics and fingerstyle guitar picking Boo Hoo played for growing audiences in Germany, Europe and the US.
(Foto: Lena Opitz)

The Johns (NYC)
“Johnny Dydo, the former drummer and co-vocalist for the local folk-rock band the WoWz, now takes the stage as the Johns. Whether singing solo or with accompaniment, Dydo delivers thought-provoking rock songs with a poet’s attention to lyrical detail and an unpolished, sometimes erratic voice.” (The New Yorker)

Cabbages (Berlin)
Cabbages is the double sided sword of damocles 
hanging over your beggars banquets. The two headed
rock n roll abortion by Paul Jones and Björn Magnusson.

Mi 14.06.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Fourtrack On Stage: The Sound of Money (Retropop, München) + Birds and Coughs (Indie, Berlin)

+ DJ!
The Sound of Money (Smarter Retrop aus München)
TH€ $OUND OF MON€¥, a band from the truly vital across-all-genres underground scene of Munich. Facing that 2017 is also the 50th anniversary of "Summer Of Love" the band took 12 of their favourite late 60’s albums, created anagrams with those album names and made those their song titles. Then they took those 12 imaginary songs and wrote new lyrics and new music with it.

Drei schöne, ganz unterschiedliche Mixtapes, mit je einem Song aus ihren Lieblingsalben gibt es auf Spotify:

Birds and Coughs (Berlin, Emotion Master)
Unfiltered hydro lobster pop: A curious mixture of rock n roll, oblique harmonies, lighthearted grooves, coral reefs and crackling transparence. Through their short time together the group has been labeled many things, 'The aurora borealis of Neukölln', and 'a bunch of depraved hedonists' to name but two.

Mi 12.07.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Fourtrack On Stage: John Davis & the Cicadas (ex-The Folk Implosion, US) + nunofyrbeeswax (Lo-Fi Pop Punk, Berlin)

+ DJ Fabrikant!
John Davis & the Cicadas (US)

John Davis is a recording artist & multi-instrumentalist originally from Cambridge MA, where he started The Folk Implosion with partner Lou Barlow in the summer of 1993 before leaving the band in 2000. John relocated to Durham, NC in August of 2013 to begin working with producer Scott Solter on a muckraking cycle of songs about corporate corruption in the food industry and related issues like (im)migration, mass incarceration, public health, and the stock market. The Cicadas lineup will feature Scott Solter on bass and electronics, Wendy Allen on vocals, flute and keyboards, and Alex Lazara on keyboards.

nunofyrbeeswax (Lo-Fi Pop Punk, Berlin)
Davide and Angela, the guitarists from the Berlin band the Fingers, write and play a bunch of new pop songs as raw as their hearts in a minimal set up.

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