Mi 24.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   M:Soundtrack: Leoprrrds (Bln/ international) + Hollis James (South Africa/Bln)

#New Acts #Hot on the scene
M:Soundtrack:  Leoprrrds  (Bln/ international) + Hollis James (South Africa/Bln)

is and has always been a venue where you can hone your musical chops .. "if I can make it there" .... and M:Soundtrack very much likes to give new acts a place to shine .. this week we invite Berlin transplants Leoprrrds and Hollis James to the rose papered stage for their debut -- please welcome them with open arms and see that the future is now.

we will be there with bells on ...

is a Berlin-based three-piece featuring Maya on guitar and voice, Victoria on bass and voice, and Ian on drums and voice. The members come from three different countries, two continents and totally diverse backgrounds. Maya studied guitar at the conservatory in Jerusalem and composition at the UDK in Berlin. Victoria was raised by bears and wolves in Arctic Circle-land, and is an acclaimed novelist in her homeland. She played in various bands in New York and New Orleans before relocating to Berlin. Ian moved to Berlin from Glasgow, where he played many instruments in many bands on the local indie-scene. Together they make dreamy, but raw music that has been compared to the xx, Sleater-Kinney and Slint.

Hollis James
is a pschedelic beach jazz trio from Berlin and Cape Town/South Africa, covering a range of moods and exploring spirited gestures in imagination and dreamy wondering."

Do 25.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   süpernice, little league shows & greyzone prsnt: PILL (no wave/post-punk, nyc) + NOJ (noise/post-punk, bln)

doors 7 pm, show startr 8 pm sharp, and after 10: Twoheadedboy dj team

Little League Shows
GreyZone Concerts & PromotionPowerline Agency and Süper.Nice.Shows present:

PILL /// no wave/post-punk, bklyn/ny /// Mexican Summer Recs
& NOJ /// noise/exp/post-punk, bln /// Flennen

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show starts 8 pm sharp!
Kein Vorverkauf, nur Abendkasse!
after 10 pm: proto-/post-punk/wave/no-trash tunes w/ the Twoheadedboy dj team.
"PILL found each other in Brooklyn NY, its members colliding in the city's ever-changing DIY community. Their music is a pulsing protest of anguish and desire clotted with arrhythmia and dissonance. It’s a howl of freedom that is conscious of that freedom's cost. Call it No wave, call it post-punk; at this stage, it’s more modern-day folk or protest music for what New York City has become: the capture and distillation of an energy and friction that comes from living amongst so many people in such a confined, creatively charged yet conflicted space. Convenience is Pill’s debut album. It explodes the concepts of their previous recordings through a field of emotional and political upheaval, where something that makes life easier for one group of people might make life harder for another. It’s this very skepticism of modern comfort that drives the music Pill makes; an unsettled sound that employs a tension-release, ouroboric dynamic. Resist the temptation to bottling the creative endeavors of Pill into any one container; these are the unrestrained sounds of four musical conspirators making equal contributions based on concepts of “physicality, catharsis, and psychic release.”"

/// ///

NOJ - experimental / no wave / noise / post-punk from berlin w/ members of various other bands & the Flennen Collective!

/// ///

Fr 26.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   100Blumen (Elektro-HC-Punk/Düsseldorf) + BARK (Elektro-Punk/Bln) support Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

100Blumendoor 7 pm, show 8 pm (Aftershowparty from 10 pm with DJ Chrille - Punk, Wave, Soul and R'n'R)
BARK chris van blumen - guitar and voice
malte van blumen - drums
marcel van blumen - lap top and voice

100blumen is an electro dnb punk crust "what ever you think we are band" from düsseldorf
BARK is the best ecelctro punk band from Berlin

Sa 27.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   RASH BB: Produzenten der Froide (AFA/Oi// Stuttgart) +Antibastard (Punk //Bln)

RASH Berlin-Brandenburg präsentieren Euch unsere geliebten Stuttgarter von den Produzenten der Froide ( und unsere Riotpunk-Freunde von AntiBastard aus Berlin (

Mo 29.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Don't (Punkrock Portland) + Ach was ! (Punkrock Bln) Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

Don'tdoor 7 pm, show 8 pm (danach SCHOKO-KUSS - die queere Elektroparty)
DON'T formed in Portland in 2009 when Jenny Don't (lead vocals, guitar) was introduced to drummer Sam Henry (The Wipers, Napalm Beach, The Rats). They created a genre-blurring blend that opened a Pandora's box of musical touchstones.

Recently bassist Kelly Halliburton (Pierced Arrows, Problems, Defiance) and guitarist Eric "Vegetable" Olson (Poison Idea) were roped in which makes Don't the ultimate Portland Punk-All-Star band.

A live presence to be reckoned with from their very first show, the band quickly built an enthusiastic and loyal following across the US and Europe.

Their powerful songs defy easy classification, sometimes dark and eerie, sometimes punk and surfy, but always melodic. Rooted in the same blues that are the foundation for almost all rock and roll, Don't contorts that basic concept into something dark and mysterious.

After their first album “Away Away”, several single releases and extended US and Europe tours, Don't published their new album "Fever Dreams" in the US (Doomtown Sounds) and Germany (Rockstar Records) in 2016.

This night supported by "Ach was...!" - finest Punkrock from Berlin!

Tickets only at door!!!

Mi 31.05.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Hildegard von Binge Drinking (Power-Kraut n Knertz-Rap, Würzburg) + Yacht Communism (semi-psychedelischer Noiserock, Berlin)
Do 01.06.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Half Sight (HC/UK) + Giver (melodic HC/Köln) presented by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

HALF SIGHT (Photo: Olli Appleyard Photography)door 7 pm, show 8 pm (Aftershowparty from 10 pm with DJ)
GiverHalf Sight are a band who focus on making melodic, original and meaningful music.

Having released an EP and a split 7" under the name 'Atlas', the five piece melodic hardcore band renamed in early 2015 and are currently preparing to release their debut full length album.

Giver: Hardcore/Punk from Cologne

Fr 02.06.2017
21.00 Uhr
Musik   live concert: tba. + TEAR POP TO SHREDS: Boombox Edition. #5 (funk soul hip hop post punk mutant disco on vinyl)

d. (Schokoladen) & r. (of BIG EATER/RINGOSTARWARS/Little League Shows) bring another round of their fine selection of funk / hip hop / soul / post-punk/mutant-disco vinyl for your listening and dancing pleasure. tight grooves, breaks, raw sounds, always fresh.

Sa 03.06.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   future sailor, little league shows & what difference prst: DESPERATE JOURNALIST (post-punk/indie, uk) + VOODOO BEACH (psych, bln)

doors 7 pm, show starts 8 pm sharp, and after 10: What Differnce Does it Make djs (indie/wave/...)

Future Sailor Concerts
Little League Shows und What Difference Does It Make präsentieren:

Desperate Journalist (UK)
Voodoo Beach (Berlin)

What Difference Does It Make DJs

Das Londoner Quartett Desperate Journalist (Fierce Panda/Heavenly Records) hat mit ihrem zweiten Album 'Grow Up' wohl eines der besten Indie-Postpunk Alben (Vö: 24.03.2017) des neuen Jahres hingelegt und schickt sich an DER große Durchstarter für 2017 zu werden. Noch ein letztes Mal in kleinen Clubs auf Deutschland-Tour, daher nicht verpassen!

VOODOO BEACH is a psych-blues outfit stranded in Berlin. Sharing their love for various bands such as Velvet Underground, Mazzy Star and Sonic Youth, Verita (voc./guit.) and Josephine (drums) started the band in 2014. They soon teamed up with Ignacy (guit.) and John (bass) forming a four-piece line up with an unique style of Psychedelic Rock dipped in a sea of bluesy LoFi sounds: Hypnotizing bass lines combined with dark, minimalistic drumbeats push forward while droning guitar riffs and vocals create a floating mood, wrapping you up in a mystic vibe.

Mo 05.06.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   The Act (60s Beat/Garage/Psychedelic) + Slime The Boogie (Punkpop/Postpunk)

Aftershow: Vanessa Valez + Stroko (Psych, Garage, Freakbeat, Popsike)
The Act

The Act is a four piece band based in Berlin, formed in summer 2003. Playing solely original material, they have emerged as a potent live experience. Drawing from roots in 60’s beat, garage and psychedelia, and encompassing elements of soul, swamp and punk, they arrive with the velocity of The Stooges, the guitar mayhem of Sonic Youth, and the swing of Beefheart’s Safe as Milk.
Fronted by singer and rhythm guitarist Christoph Kreutzmüller with Gordon Schade sharing vocals and on lead guitar, and joining forces with Matthias Thaden on drums and Dave Allen on bass, The Act have forged out an extensive programme revealing a broad range from slow, sinister grinding to climactic exaltation. The Act impresses with their intuitive sound-dynamic, coupled with songs wrapped up for the punch.
Exciting audiences in Berlin and beyond, and constantly working on new material, The Act have just released a new 7“ „Do the Floor/Under a Waning Moon“.

Slime The Boogie

"Fünf Jahre sind vergangen seit die Berliner Band zuletzt eine Platte veröffentlichte. Sie steigern sich. Damals war es eine 7“ Single, jetzt also ein 12“ EP mit vier Tracks. Musikalisch alles beim Alten. Solider Punk Pop mit viel Aplomb präsentiert. Wer es lieber moderner mag, darf auch Post Punk dazu sagen. „Frustration“ transportiert eben das, ein Gefühl der Frustration, das sich die Band mit Druck von der Seele spielt. „Get What You Get“ und auch „Twitch“ sind absolut eingän- gige, markante Popsongs mit dem gewissen Twitch eben. Der Gesang von Lehua Lii Ludlow erinnert an die Pixies. Und auch sonst klingt hier Manches nach dem guten alten Alternativ Rock US-amerikanischer Prägung. „Burned“ ist nicht nur der Titeltrack, sondern auch der überzeugendste Moment der EP. Da will man die Nadel doch gleich wieder neu aufsetzen." (Mike Korbik über Slime The Boogie im Guitars Galore, No. 254)

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